Read my Lips

so is jessica saying "fuck you" or "you whore"?

I'm really baffled by this, she must just enunciate really poorly or something.

y'know she's very entertaining while angry. I like how she leans forward for emphasis and the fringes on her bag shake. Fringes are kind of funny now that I think about it, very present with the whole western look taking over, but I guess jess doesn't know about how to wear trends. I definitely think that wearing aviators with gargantuan gypsy-ish earrings, fringy bag and western belt (ooh, wait I guess 2 parts of the outfit actually do go together), and very visible leopard print bra qualifies you as a trend whore.

nice bra though, jess, and you just make those paparazzi understand you're not looking for any more attention.

fun, animated jessica from junk feud


Anonymous said...

ha ha, she looks like shes going to fall over

Anonymous said...

I hate jessica simpson: such an ugly whore