Fashion Week Spring 2006

It's Fashion Week...if you care here's the schedule

note: click "complete post" because to avoid having a million short posts about fashion week I'm just going to be editing anything I want to say about diferent collections into this post and update it as I look at different collections (via style.com coverage)

new note: due to some trouble editing this post I only ended up posting about the first few collections I looked at, however if anything is special enough that I think someone else might actually care I'll probably make a separate post. (there are still some shows after the jump)
This is a new, small (18 look) collection but it's almost completely very clean, wearable looking clothes. My favorites: the outfit @ left as well as some very pretty chloe-esque blouses, cute shorts (one orange pair and one white) and a slinky silver dress.

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Kenneth Cole
Looked great with the highlights being tons of great dresses like a ruffled blue wraparound one, and various versions in short, floaty chiffon.

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I didn't like this collection of Imitation of Christ nearly as much as the I had hoped after the Fall 2005 season. The highlights of the collection (other than Scarlett Johanssesn in a see-through shirt & unflattering jeans) were the shoes, especiall a pair of white boots and all the shoes with floppy leather bows/ties (are these the same shoes that tara subkoff was designing for easyspirt...which still seems weird to me)

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Brian Reyes

Unlike IOC, I wasn't expecting anything from this because I can't even remember hearing of this designer before (although apparently he's worked for Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors, and Oscar de la Renta) but back to the point, I though these clothes were beautiful--very chiffon-y, floaty, casual but not casual--plus I also like this model and the way her ears stick out.

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Tommy Hilfiger

The clothes: okay, tons and tons of good preppy basics, but the barefoot models were cute.

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Project Alabama

Very into this Project Alabama collection. What I liked: all the navy blue, the headbands/wraps, the designs on the dresses, jackets, etc., the cute coats, the fiddler in the background, the whole look with the white underskirt showing @ the bottom, the star motif

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what I liked: the super-flat flats, the sleek minis (especially with pockets like @ left) and shorts with button down shirts or loose preppy sweaters, the black & white outfits toward the end, and all the preppy-looking male models

complete collection

Nicole Miller

cute: pretty, casual dresses, bubble skirts, wearable looking shorts, sixties-inspired look, a couple white crocheted looks

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