Sawyer, Sawyer, Sawyer (...and Yessica)

If you love Sawyer @ all you should watch this video...right now.

...for those of you who don't love Sawyer I'm not sure what your problem is, but probably you don't watch Lost enough.

(video via best week ever blog)

oh yeah, megan, he's definitely married but you're totally prettier than his wife whose name is 'Yessica'...how weird is that? I google image-searched her & google asked me "Did you mean Jessica Holloway" in that sassy way google has, and I was like, "you're right google that would make soooo much more sense, but actually it would make even more sense if his wife was pretty because he's very pretty." (oh by the way, if you didn't figure this out yet, clicking on the "definitely married" link will take you to a picture of Sawyer & Yessica. Also if you're intrigued by women who marry man way prettier than them, check out Clive Owen and his wife...life is unfair isn't it?

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Treenman said...

yea, megan is prettier than her. anywayi think were ding dinner at chesecake, and everyone wil split those enormously large portions and get yummy dessert.