The Kate Moss Cocaine Video

...unfortunately with incredibly irritating italian tv commentary. watch the video

after you get tired of watching grainy videos in languages you don't understand listen to what our president thinks of kate's plight. (via gawker) A sample of W.'s opinion of the matter...Some asshole took a picture/of Kate Moss doing lines,/And now she’s being victimized/ for imaginary crimes. so true.



I've always found anime incredibly frightening, and I've always been oddly frightened by Gwen Stefani (would she exist if we took off all the make-up?)...so obviously I found anime gwen to be just about the most frightening thing I've ever seen.

More anime celebrities at Worth 1000 (via BWE blog)...if you like being scared and stuff. yeah, definitely check out anime Tom Cruise if you're into really ugly/crazy/brainwashed(?) stuff.

Just call her Gollum...

...right, Angelina Jolie totally looks like Gollum. Well, anyway, Star thinks Jen Aniston thinks Angelina does. Click the image to enlarge and read all about the flaws Gollum and Angelina share. I mean obviously we can't forget that the both hang out with little people, Maddox and Frodo are soooo uncool.

(via Gawker)

Gwyneth in Love

Not that I'm suddenly going to break down and start liking Ms. Perfect-blonde-fake english-fashion snob Paltrow but she looks totally gorgeous in the October Vogue (you can see some pics and the whole article online)....although I kind of secretly like her...she's so perfect!

Not that I'm totally converted: not that into her little headdress-y thing on the front cover Plus, does Vogue always have to completely worship her like they do in this article? I'm annoyed by that. And if someone has to worship her, I'd rather it be Plum Sykes...she's a tad more interesting, plus we get a bit more of a look at Gwynnie's less than perfect smarmy/stuck up/spence grad traits.

Orphanage Chic

Loved the Prada. (check out the whole show @ style.com) I was totally into all the baggy--might be construed as shapeless--stuff like this shirt/dress thingy which style.com sloughed off as a "odd-looking overshirt"...whatever. Plus I like the rumpled, shoved-down grey stockings. They're very dingy and orphanage-y and english-y and livable.

...unfortunately I don't exactly have tons of money to spend on prada stockings lying around and I'm not sure this is something you could pull off without the security of a brand name...or maybe the annoying confidence of sienna miller.

Don't Get it Twisted

Not that I think you drink a lot or anything but if you want a super-intense drinking game check out Perez Hilton's official ANTM drinking game rules

....although really I'm not sure if these rules allow for any time when you're not drinking.

....fine, if even that wasn't intense enough for you, watch Lost afterward and play that drinking game...or don't and just watch the fucking show because it is SO GOOD and not enough people seem to get that into their heads (note to jess: sooooooo much better than ANTM, and that's saying a lot because I like tyra so much that I even watched her lame montel-esque talkshow today)

Question of the Day

Drew & Stew: When did Drew Barrymore start hanging out with such cool people??? (I think I suddenly like her a lot more...actually suddenly this picture isn't as cool as I thought, does Stewie look a little different than usual to anyone else?)

Vegetables Love Her Back

Yuck. Hilary Duff (who turned 18 today, woo hoo.) is teaching little kids how to become horse-faced scary-skinny just like her. Gross, hopefully these kids will actually listen to what she's saying instead of going crazy diet pills/veneers like Horsey Duff. So what is Horsey saying?

...um, apparently vegetables "love her back"...whatever Hilary you and your lame wannebe rockstar boyfriend (blog included) should just hang out with the vegetables then and stop dissing Kelly Clarkson. By the way Joel or Benji (or whichever one she's dating, I have to say that as cheesy pop goes Kelly is waaaaaay better than Hilary, and both of them are waaaaaaay better than Good Charlotte.)


Lindsay is with Fez again???

I really don't get her self-destructive tendencies or his weird chick-magnetism. (Lindsay AND Mandy--I like them both so much, they are so different, and yet both fell into his clutches...yeah, I totally don't care whether him and ashlee stupid-son are together, because she's annoying too)

innyhoo, sketchy photo evidence of alleged "lohanderrama" hook-up from perez hilton. Yet, no matter how sketch the evidence, I kind of believe it because L.Lo has a way of disappointing me like that. Speaking of which have you seen how blonde she looks all over again...why must you jerk us around like this lindsay?

America's Top (Male) Model?

Um, I have no idea whether this is true or not, but apparently there are rumors floating around that Coryn from this season's ANTM is male (or technically a transgender female) And yes, this is the same Coryn whose full-bodied eyebrows J.Alexander mimicked here.

By the way--completely aside from gender issues--I hope Coryn doesn't win. I really hate the ones with all the problems (drug addict mom in Coryn's case) because they're always sobbing and hugging Tyra and then she makes these super-annoying, super-fake sympathetic faces and talks about how important it is to be strong and how she understands because she's the fattest victoria's secret model. whatever, tyra, if I wanted that kind of sappiness I could just watch extreme home makeover or something.

Stewie Dances to Your Tune

Family Guys brings us Stewie Live! A Stewie you can order around! (When he doesn't understand your commands he does tend to be kind of insulting though, he's very defensive I think.)

Note: ask Stewie to dance, he's very good.


Like Shirt and Ass

As we are in the midst of milan fashion week: see the collections/reviews/celebrities in the audience at style.com

Plus--even if you don't care about the fashion shows--there is plenty of fashion week amusement over at the daily.

Funniest offering: Fashion Week Daily's handy guide with all the important stuff for adjusting to the languages of international fashion weeks. The real meaning of "like shirt & ass" and more after the jump...

September 24—October 2

“Sempre abbronzato, sempre virile!”
Translation: A good tan keeps you virile.

“Senza aria condizionata stai sempre giovane.”
Translation: No air conditioning keeps you young.

“Lo prendo in ogni colore.”
Translation: I’ll take it in every color.

“No per la pasta—dammi la salsa!”
Translation: Hold the pasta—I’ll take the sauce.

“Patrizio, smettila di guardare alle mini gonne!”
Translation: Patrizio, stop looking at the short skirts!

October 2—11

“Vas-y, ma petite, bouffe comme une cochonne, ça passera sur la carte de crédit de la boîte.”
Translation: Girl, go ahead, eat like a pig. It’s the company card.

“Non merci, je préfère les calmants plus légers.”
Translation: No thanks, I’m looking for softer sedatives.

“Vous n’avez pas entendu le mot glaçon? Glaçons, glaçons, eau congelée. Mon dieu!”
Translation: Have you ever heard of ice? Ice, ice, frozen water. My god!

“Roulez la fenêtre entre nous, chauffeur, tout de suite.”
Translation: Close the window between us, driver, now.

Bonus! Fun French-isms!
“S’entendre comme cul et chemise.”
Literal: To get along like shirt and ass.
Meaning: To be very close
Example: Carine Roitfeld et Tom Ford s’entendent comme cul et chemise.
Translation: Carine Roitfeld and Tom Ford get along like a bottom and a shirt.

“C’est la barbe!”
Literal: It is the beard!
Meaning: This is a nuisance.
Example: Le talon de ma chaussure s’est cassé, et c’est la barbe!
Translation: The heel of my shoe broke, and it is a nuisance!

“Ça me rase!”
Literal: This shaves me.
Meaning: This bores me.
Example: Ce défilé me rase.
Translation: This fashion show bores me.

Question(s) of the Day

Scarlett & Josh:
Um, why are they in disguise? For some reason they seem very guilty to me. I mean Josh is practically whistling a little tune and I'm not even sure what Scarlett's facial expression is communicating...

2ndary Question: Why does Josh carry shopping bags so weirdly? Perhaps Scarlett needs to teach him a lesson about handles...wait, maybe that's why she's carrying a purse over each shoulder: in order to demonstrate proper handle-use techniques.

Gustav Iliev: International Supermodel

Yes, I know this is an old video, but if by some terrible misfortune you haven't seen it yet than you are really missing out. And if you have seen it, I'm pretty sure you haven't seen it enough times. (Or at least, that's how I feel about Gustav)So, without further ado: Gustav Iliev

okay...as long as we're watching hilarious videos right now....how about some URBAN NINJA (I'm not sure whether I'm a bigger fan of Gustav or the Ninja...I love them both so much)

both videos via the best week ever blog

Who needs H&M?

Not kate moss. See, kate doesn't care how many companies drop her because she can sell anything if she puts her mind to it.

junk-feud (watch kate sell bras, car windows, shirts, and rain..and other stuff too)


Untainted Love

...yup, my favorite part of essay writing is in the naming, and I go all out when it comes to corniness!

I know you're probably wondering how--in my genius--I connected Tess of the d'Urbervilles to '80s pop...but the truth is there is no explaining my unbridled creativity.

bonus: I would have to say my fave for corny title points would be Rose of Sharon Blooms (for Grapes of Wrath)

note: guess what? I finished writing my essay so now I can go watch the season premiere of Desperate Housewives! yea!