Teen Vogue's (flawed) Best Dressed list

um, hello? you cannot make a best dressed list and then completely leave the best dressed person in the world off of it, that seems obvious right? apparently not to teen vogue!

and whoa! you went and put sienna miller on instead???? are you kidding me, any fashion sense she has is just carbon-kate-copy! seriously, teen vogue, you totally disappointed me! (although props for including mkao)

the very, very, very faulty list is after the jump for your perusal so click "complete post" (I took out the sienna picture so you wouldn't have to get all upset like I did when I saw it, you get to look @ the--um, okay, I know it's not totally flattering but it's what came up when I googled "kate moss style icon"--pic of k. moss @ left instead.)

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