I've been getting really irritated with all the pink blogger-ness of this lately so I decided to try using wordpress and see how that works out:


Seriously, tell me what you think---in the comments---about the new look because there isn't much choice style-wise but it's wtf (way the fuck) easier to navigate i.e. search, previous entries, categories, etc.....



The snotty charm of Vogue:

Vogue has to be careful. The upcomer might use the word cute instead of panache; she might talk about giving a party instead of a dinner; or describe a suede coat ‘for weekending with the station-wagon set’ rather than ‘for your country home.’ Or talk of going to a jewelry store instead of a bijouterie. Most maladroit of all, she might talk in terms of a best buy rather than an investment, or a coup. Or refer to a ballgown as — one shudders to think of it — a formal. [Source]

Well, they certainly fooled a certain sister of mine. Upon reading a little bit of In Search of Lost Time: "Yeah, I see why you like it. It sounds just like Vogue."

Seriously. Seriously.

Bad-gley Mischka

These ads that las gemelas Olsen did for Badgley Mischka seriously just don't work.

Obviously, I love the Olsens and everything, but the Olsens as faces of a brand that's famous for its big events-y type dresses just doesn't make sense.

They totally look like two little girls dressing up and I don't know whose fault it us but the dresses in the picture on the left look quite fug.

Actually, the whole idea is fug.

[image via Popsugar]

Attack of the Clones

This is from the TVgasm recap of this week's suspense-asmic* episode of Grey's Anatomy.

The Many Faces of Ellen Pompeo. Clockwise from upper left: happy Meredith, sad Meredith, excited Meredith, frightened Meredith, surprised Meredith, hopeful Meredith, angry Meredith, despondent Meredith, horny Meredith, shitfaced Meredith.

LOL. Especially funny if you actually imagine each expression with the emotion. Hint: imagine a different Meredith monotone voiceover with each "emotion".

Also, did anyone else think that Meredith looked especially cyborg-like while wearing a flak jacket? Sometimes I think Ellen Pompeo is pleasantly depressing and at other times I think she's just ABC's other Teri Hatcher.

Despite the sheer idiocy of this whole 2-episode bomb in the body plotline it did make for some hi-larious screencaps, so definitely check out the other ones in the TVgasm recap. Meredith's fabulous "acting" when the bomb squad guy explodes? Sooooo goood.

*suspense-asmic = overwrought, overacted, overthought, overbotoxed, overdumbed, and under-realistic-ized......ummmm, but it's still my favorite.


I Knew There Was Something Wrong With Abercrombie*

Meet Mike Jeffries, CEO of Abercrombie & Fitch and one verra weird guy:

"....at A&F headquarters Jeffries always goes through revolving doors twice, never passes employees on stairwells, parks his Porsche every day at the same angle in the parking lot (keys between the seats, doors unlocked), and has a pair of "lucky shoes" he wears when reading financial reports."

Not to mention he's 61 years old and still wearing Abercrombie (if you don't find that picture of him seriously disturbing, you're probably either seriously disturbed...or from L.A.)

Innyhoo, the whole article about this freaktacular is highly amusing and worth reading. Especially the part where they say that A & F is for college students and Hollister is for high school students: lol.......fo' reals???? I think they meant A & F is for losers and Hollister is for Losers, putting the lovely moi firmly in the losers category--note lowercase "l" porfavs.

*other than this and this

[Salon via !!!omg blog!!! ]

"One Foot in Gucci, One Foot in the Ghetto"

The above quote made me loooove Kimora Lee Simmons so damn much that I felt compelled to share some of her life lessons on how to be fabulous (ghettofabulous?) with all y'alls.

"If you're shy, get the hell over it: You're slamming the door in your own face."

"In almost any situation, it is far more devastating to keep your icy cool while the other person gets herself in a flush-cheeked, teary-eyed hot mess yelling in your face."

"Heels, heels, heels. My motto: 4 inches, no less."

"Wear a dramatic coat that almost demands someone help you put it on and take it off."

"Laugh a lot. It makes everybody wonder if it's more fun to be at your party."

"Turn up the music in every room you enter."

Ah! I so want to write these on the whiteboard in my English class. And why shouldn't I? Everybody else writes "inspirational" shit up there.

[Get more pearls of Kimora's wisdom from Crunk & Disorderly]
[image from the smoking gun]

No Gold For You Ms. Kwan!


Just thought I should celebrate the end of the Olympic career of my least favorite ice skater that everyone else seems to love. (Everyone who sucks, that is.)

Yea for Sasha Cohen!

C'mon, she gets featured on Project Runway, how much cooler can you possibly get?

Last Week: The Recap

Obviously, the only reason I have not been posting in the past week (exactly 7 days! I'm so organized!) is that I have been too busy making like Ashley Olsen in a Hanes T-shirt and being absolutely fab-ulous.

Things That I Have Been Doing While Being Fab-ulous:
* watching the Lindsay Lohan version of Parent Trap....methinks she may have peaked at age 10. (Actingwise that is. Socialwise I suppose she's moved on up, considering that in the movie she takes a picture of Kate Moss with her to summer camp and now the two are pole dancing buddies)
* getting Ds on Physics tests..............translation: NOT failing!!! GO ME!!!
* playing Snood. My puzzle high score is 94661, what's yours, Megan?

....and the #1 reason I was busy last week: Duh! Fashion Week! Where else would Ashley Olsen be but at all the most fabulous of fabulous New York Fashion Week Fall '06 shows???

P.S. Possibly celebrities did stuff last week, but probably nothing very important. You can go check.