Why Nylon...

...has made it onto my magazine shortlist:

Their august (denim) issue featured my favorite perfume on the back page which I had thought was discontinued after stupid sephora stopped carrying it....errrgh, I probably would still be separated from my true scent-mate if I had not picked up this issue to check out their thoughts on denim, which segues neatly into reason #2...

...they had a denim issue and denim is neat. (plus the issue actually contained lots of info about denim unlike some lame "denim issues" of magazines I will leave unnamed)
They've got fabulous clothes/stuff/fashion spreads but they are nothing at all like vogue, which is good because no one can out-vogue vogue.

plus, I'm not going to lie to you: this is only the 2nd issue I've read and our chemistry may lie purely in the excitement that such a short acquaintance engenders, nevertheless I have high hopes for our future.
(other mags on the shortlist: Vogue (no duh, plus vogue-y has the added distinction of being the only magazine worth saving) Teen Vogue (fairly crappy articles and no street cred, but fabulous clothes I can actually buy & wear) Life & Style (I'm not quite sure what it is about this one, but for some reason it's so much nicer than US or People)


siona said...

while i'm sure i can find this out during my lunch break, i'm not able just yet to waltz over to any magazine racks. what's yr favorite scent?

LCP said...

actually it was in the august issue
but the perfume is verscace red jeans
...not very cool sounding but I love it