Happy Gilmore Day

Yup, today marks the 6th season premiere for those zany Gilmore Girls. We'll be finding out how Luke responds to Lorelai's proposal (although I don't seriously expect there'll be a perfectly straightforward answer) we'll also see lots of mother daughter fighting (yea...how exciting) and if we're lucky we'll see some Logan too.

I totally remember back in the day (like 2000) when Gilmore Girls was like my absolute favorite show (along with buffy) and it was soooo interesting. I hope the show either takes a turn for the better again this season or keeps its dignity and goes out while it still has its fanbase...I'm not actually watching the show tonight (because I have better things to do) but maybe if you're lucky I'll tell you what I think of it once I get a moment in my busy-busy life to sit down and watch it.

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