Do you recognize these lesbians????

I do!!!! It's Kim and Sarah from America's Next Top Model, walking around NYC together (fashion week, shmashion peek--as if anyone on ANTM possibly gives a shiitake about real fashion) I think we all know what this means......a reality show couple reunited postshow!!! Yea! Feel-good television!!!

Backstory (for the lametards who don't obsessively follow ANTM history): Kim was the show's token lesbian who actually got pretty far on the show despite her bloated face (looking much sleeked down here, btw) and complete inability to take good pictures. Sarah was the "straight" girl who hooked up with Kim then got kicked off the show and was promptly forgotten.

Not that it matters but I hate Kim maybe a few iotas less then I did on the show because of:

1. her outfit........pretty durned cute, and very much working for her 2. the fact that she apparently didn't rip Sarah's heart out on TV and then forget about her, because we don't really want to see another life ruined on reality tv.
image from The Sartorialist