It's a Boy!

yup, Us reports that britney has given birth to a baby boy...reportedly to be named Preston Michael Spears Federline...wow, that sucks.

update: okay, apparently they actually are naming him Sean Preston Spears Federline. so, they got rid of the unfortunate initials (p.m.s.)...too bad

update numero dos: I totally don't trust any of these "reportedly..." names so let's just wait & see what brit says, okay guys.

anyway, now we all get to wait & see if britney is really going to be a "hot mom" like she claimed in elle this month, or whether she will remain forever in her tacky trailer trash form...

maybe she and heidi klum can work out together and they'll all hang out with jen too, and then the 3 hot moms will be bff and they'll all go shopping in their matching "milf" shirts....or not.

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