Best Birthday Present Ever!

According to perezhilton....

Things seem to be definitely dead between Britney and the Federjerk. Her wedding band has reportedly been replaced by a skull and crossbones ring.

OMFG! I'm soooo psyched for Britney! What a fantabulous birthday present to herself (she turned 24 yesterday) and to add to the celebration Britney is in Vegas sans the ugly......yea!

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The End of Spederline???

Probably not, but I so wish it was.

"...source tells PerezHilton.com exclusively that Spears and the Federjerk got into a heated exchange in their Malibu mansion and Brit kicked the stoner to the curb. (Kevin was witnessed leaving the house in the early A.M. hours by himself)."

Then we'd just need Britney to get all pretty again, because it truly, madly, deeply pains me to admit that at the moment Xtina is hotter than Britney...who would've thought it could come to this?

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Sex Degrees of Separation

Ah, so true, so gross...and so weird.

Why do you guys do this? He-lloooo, you could have anyone you wanted! There are more options guys, think outside the box!

Click here to see a bigger version

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That's RANGE, Bitches!

FourFour's Tyraism of the Week: "[To Nicole] You have never had this much range. I mean, I didn't know what to choose. You had one where you were like this, and then like this, and then like this, and then like this, and then like this, and then . . . I was like, 'Girl, you better work!' This is your best! Mamma is proud of you!"

Get the rest of FourFour's recap! Totally worth it just to listen to Simon Doonan unleash his little British-accented quips over and over and over and over and over...until you go stark raving mod! Actually this may be my favorite recap yet....check out Twiggy and Miss J. showing the girls what Bollywood is really about. Um. Right.

Gender Bender

This is LiMoLo out with a S.R.U.G. (Some Random Unidentified Guy)...um, like she's not always out and about with some new guy and/or hair color, what's really interesting about this photo is the whole "coordinated but not matching but totally switched genders" look they have going on:

1. Matching super dark hair....I'm not even going to bother to comment on LiMoLo's color issues at the moment, she knows what color hair she is meant to have, she's just being a rebellious teenager, sigh.
2. His and Hers huge shades
3. His and Hers tight dark jeans
4. Then the gender issues: she's wearing a big menswear-ish plaid shirt--which is really nothing new--but I like how he took the look to the next level by putting on one of her tight cardigans. It's so girly and tight and he obviously thinks he's pretty cool...could this be the next "guys wearing pink" trend?

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LiMoLo is the "Most Beautiful Star"

Okay, I'm not sure she's really the most beautiful, but Teen People is possibly one of the worst magazines ever, so we should be thankful they didn't pick someone truly horrendous like Fergie or something.

“Beauty is grace and confidence. I’ve learned to accept and appreciate what nature gave me,” Lindsay has said.

It’s no wonder everyone’s obsessed with this 19-year-old actress-singer-beauty chameleon. Not only is she confident, gorgeous and talented — her brand-new album, A Little More Personal (Raw), is her latest bid for showbiz dominance — but she’s fearless when it comes to switching up her look. Whether she’s blonde, brunette or her natural red, she’s always distinctively Lindsay. “She’s so amazingly confident — that’s the key to any hair color,” says New York City colorist Sarah Gold, who regularly works with Lindsay. “Most girls her age would be crushed if people said they didn’t like her hair color, but Lindsay really has the confidence to pull it off no matter what anyone else thinks.”

Um, whatevs, Lindsay. If you truly appreciated what nature gave you your hair would still be red. Yes, you're pretty with all hair colors but you can stop experimenting because nothing will ever look as good as the red did.

[Teen People via Popsugar]

Scandaleuse Beauté

Obviously, I should've posted this the instant I heard, but better late than never: Kate Moss is on FOUR covers of French Vogue!!! Also, Kate's guest editing the special December issue...which I'm soooo buying.

Ha! Eat that, you stupid people who:
a) don't think she's gorgeous
b) thought the cocaine meant she was over
c) are stupid

Seriously, isn't it hard proof that Kate is gorgeous when magazines can't shoot a cover with her without shooting multiple ones? (See W's NINE covers September 2003)

Details on the issue from fashionweekdaily.com are after the jump...

(NEW YORK) Kate Moss has proved why she’s worth a million bucks.

In the special December issue of French Vogue, which hits newsstands in Europe later this week, the supermodel utilizes her guest-editing skills in a series of couture-centered stories that peg her as the “scandaleuse beauté,” or scandalous beauty.

In a firsthand look at the issue, a Daily exclusive—of which four covers were created based on director Jean Cocteau’s 1946 French film, La Belle et la Bête (Beauty and the Beast)—the magazine’s creative director, Fabien Baron, offered a simple reason for choosing multiple covers instead of the traditional single. "We couldn’t make up our mind which one we liked the best,” he offered.

Indeed, it pays to judge a book by its cover. At least this time. Moss is photographed by Craig McDean wearing a series of different ensembles—a Chanel couture cape; a Valentino couture gown; a Giorgio Armani Privé dress with Dior Homme bolero and Givenchy couture boots; and a Dior Homme embellished jacket and Superfine skinny leg jeans—portraying Christmas in what Baron describes as a very French Christmas way.

“Cocteau was one of the founders of the surrealism movement,” he noted. “And at the same time that we came up with this concept, Kate happened to be recording this music also called Beauty and the Beast.” Additionally, on two of the covers, there is noticeable white writing, like that of a child’s handwriting, across the photo, which came directly from Cocteau’s film. “We projected the words La Belle et la Bête onto the cover as an homage to him,” Baron said. As for keeping the covers simple, the choice of black and white was a no-brainer. “We thought it’d look and be different,” Baron said. “It was very much in keeping with the look of the film and the idea at the time.”

While the French Vogue team—led by editor in chief and stylist Carine Roitfeld—encountered no problems producing the cover images, some of the inside stories were, well, a different story. After Moss’ unfortunate drug allegations generated a worldwide scandal, the model, who had designed the initial structure of the stories, sought rehabilitation and as a result, became unavailable to finish several of the main fashion wells. As Baron noted, a couple of pages had to be reinvented and “one of the stories should’ve had all photos of her, but it wasn’t her in the end.”

Baron didn’t want to give away too much, but he did touch upon some highlights. The issue’s longest article, written by Sheryl Garratt (a freelance English journalist who was once editor in chief of The Face), traces Moss’ life, career, and her rise to fashion icon status, and is accompanied by a series of photos Mario Testino shots, along with Moss’ own personal pictures, as well as French Vogue’s own portraits. A portfolio homage to Moss was also created, where major photographers from Bruce Weber to Steven Klein to Patrick Demarchelier to Testino, each dedicated one photo and quote about Moss and how inspiring she has been to each of them. And, of course, there are the requisite fashion stories that were inspired by Moss’ much-emulated aesthetic. “Where in Sofia [Coppola] you could feel all different things about her, this mixture, Kate is more fashion, more stylish, but not to say Sofia isn’t stylish, but Kate’s was more about style,” Baron said, comparing the Moss issue to that of Coppola’s, who guest edited the December 2004 edition of French Vogue.

But even with all the pretty dresses and sugary quotes, what’s most potentially touching is the picture Moss herself selected for the issue’s opener. The image features Moss, her hair flying in the wind, right after she departed from rehab in Arizona. “This was not a paparazzi photo; Kate took it herself and gave it to us,” Baron stated. “We feel that it was very important for the magazine to support her during that time, to not abandon the idea that we had to use Kate. We like Kate because there’s an idea of danger about her. We weren’t going to throw the rocks at her because she got into some trouble. It must’ve been really, really hard for her and I’m proud that French Vogue, and Vogue as a brand, supported her through this. It was honorable of us and very responsible for her to deal with things and to put herself where she is today.”

Pamela Anderson Won't Wear Trashy Clothes...

...ha ha. Oh, Pam, you could never look trashy.

Pamela is upset because she thinks the wardrobe they provide for her on her show Stacked is too trashy. Note to Pam: The whole fucking show is trashy!!!! It's a show about your boobs, of course, they expect you to wear (your signature) trashy clothes.

Anyhow, the show budgeted $25,000 for her wardrobe, but she supposedly payed $100,000 of her own money to buy "elegant" clothes from Stella McCartney where she "scooped up everything from cute sweaters and sexy dresses to Stella’s trademark vegan pumps."

Yea, Pam for being nice to animals and for spending tons of money so she won't look trashy. Um, too bad no one told her that those silicone accessories are a tad tacky before she spent her money on those. (Although I don't really think she shouldn't have gotten those. Pam wouldn't be Pam without them.)

[MSNBC link]

The Lost Mugshots

How awesome is it that two of my least favorite Lost characters are the ones who are get arrested for DUI????

Okay, actually, it wasn't Ana Lucia and Libby who got arrested--it was Michelle Rodriguez and Cynthia Watros but same difference. I HATE Michelle Rodriguez...and I'm pleased by how disgusting she looks here, nothing like Janice Dickenson's glamour shot (speaking of which, they should totally have a Top Model mugshot contest...that would be so much cooler than their lame-o passport photo competition!) Innyhoo, props on the see-through white turtleneck and frizzy hair, Ana Lucia, I hope you DIE soon...on the show...okay, and in real life.

[The Smoking Gun]


Bre in the Top Three

Yea Bre! I don't seriously believe Bre will become "America's Next Top Model"--haha, like that title really means something--but she's still my favorite (shut up, Katrina!) So props to Bre for not being kicked off this week...bye, Jayla!

Also, Nigel finally took his shirt off...hot hot heat....okay, it wasn't actually that hot, but it wasn't horrifying either, so enjoy!

["Finally!" fourfour]
["Better to Be Safe or Sari?" TVgasm recap]

Violet Ann Affleck

Ha ha, Violet is my grandma's name....

Innyhoo, congratulations to Ben & Jen, I guess.

["KABOOM! Then, Violet" Pink is the New Blog]


Crank is the New Coke?

Hm, Teen Vogue had an article about Meth in their December issue, lauding it as "the drug for overachievers--those who want to be superthin, superathetes, or superstudents."

What with T.Vogue showcasing it and Oprah publicly proclaiming her love, less experienced celebrities like MK and LiMoLo should take note.

[image from WOW Report]

Johnny Depp is "The Libertine"

Why hadn't I heard of this movie before?

I'm so excited to see this....I mean yes, Johnny Depp, is a hot pirate but all the eyeliner and the craziness are bound to get old after three movies, and I didn't even bother to watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, because even Johnny couldn't make that look attractive.

This movie sounds much more promising! J.D. plays John Wilmot, second earl of Rochester who was a 17th century writer and "notorious rake". According to the New York Times:

"...there was something principled about Wilmot's libertinism - that in an age of hypocrisy and false piety, he was heroic in his unbelief and his scorn for convention. In the movie's portrayal, which includes elements of Jim Morrison and Iggy Pop (for whom Mr. Depp used to open), he's more nearly a rock star ahead of his time, whose dark glamour comes from burning himself out."

That sounds pretty promising, but since it was an article (not a review) they don't really tell us whether it's a good movie or not. Anyway, it's already opened in NY and LA, so hopefully it will be here soon, and I'm crossing my fingers that it's a movie worthy of Johnny.

Okay, I found the review and it's not particularly glowing...but it's not terrible, so I'm still determined to like this movie.

[NY Times "Glamorizing the Progress of a Notorious Rake"]
[NY Times review]


Bagging Bryanboy

Aw, that's so cute, somebody really loves his labels.

For more label-whoreilicious Bryanboy fun go read his blog...he's abroad and having tons of designer fun in Russia at the moment.

Lohnny Loxville?

I don't know about this one LiMoLo, I'm not sure I approve of you cavorting with married men...

I hope it's just meanie mean gossip and you have beautiful babies with Jordan Catalano--although not to soon, because it would seriously freak me out if you got pregnant, actually you in a wedding dress would be pretty weird too.

Maybe you should just sleep around for a while (not that you aren't doing a fantastic job of that already.) Suggestions: Live Lowen, Lad Lichael Murray, Lake Lyllenahaal.....okay, I'm out, but I'm sure you'll think of others.

P.S. I'm sooo over the fake engagement ring thing. STOP!!!

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Wait For the Bling

Hm, has abstinence ever seemed so cool? I think not.

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Mini Maxime?

Whoa! I knew Madame Maxime (...from Harry Potter...that's common knowledge, right? Do I need to namecheck Harry Potter characters? I think you should just admit you know every clever punny name from all books...mean Professor Umbridge, evil Draco Malfoy, you know you love that.)

looked familiar at first glance...but then they cut away to her hugeness and her disgusting bug-eating and I got totally distracted.

You have to admit for someone approximately 3,600,345 x bigger than her, Madame Maxime is a dead ringer for Anna Wintour. Crazy. [flypaper]

The Simple Life on E!

Um, but this still kind of sucks since I don't have cable. Damn Fox for letting Paris and Nicole go!

Oh...in case you're wondering how E! will do the show without Paris and Nicole willing to make witty banter together?

"The fourth season will have Hilton and Richie taking turns playing a “wife” and running households, with the family involved each week deciding which of the two did a better job.

If Hilton and Richie are still not talking, the format allows for filming to take place with each woman not coming into contact with the other, said Chris Alexander, spokesman for Twentieth Century Fox Television."

...By pitting them against each other, duh! Although, I think we all know Nicole will make the better wife since Paris didn't even manage to hold onto the groom. Also, haven't these TV people noticed that Paris desperately needs a sidekick? She's definitely not capable of being funny on her own...she's barely capable of giggling vacuously at other people's funniness. [source]

Yoko Ono is EVIL

I HATE her....

...you think she's gone, you wish she would just disappear and at least leave the Beatles in peace now that she has no need to be connected to them--but noooo.

She still has to fuck with their music. (Okay, John Lennon's music--but still, it's NOT hers.)

What upsets me most is the part about her adding in soft chanting of "Yo-ko, Yo-ko" at the end of “Surprise, Surprise (Sweet Bird of Paradox),” a song about a different woman!

Bad Joke of the Day

"If there are any problems and you do get up here and go on too long, then 'hello' to my little friend."

-Courtesy of Russell Crowe while hosting the Australian Film Industry Awards...Update: I seem to have forgotten to mention that he was holding a phone when he said this...that probably made it even less funny for you guys.

Pooh to him. I'm totally over Russell, and Benjamin Mackenzie is a hotter (and younger) version anyway...I love on the O.C. when Marissa tells him she just doesn't get why people think Russell Crowe is good looking. Oh, those clever tricksters over at Fox they are soooo darn funny.