"...the new bitchy MK"

According to Perez Hilton Mary-Kate was @ Bungalow 8 the other day when Tom Brady (the Patriots' QB...no, that means nothing to me either) tried to hit on her & she turned him down...

What exactly is MK doing in New York? Weren't we under the impression that she was going to be going to school in California this fall? I guess the tabs were wrong.

"Mary-Kate was there without the Giant," a source tells us. "She was hanging out with her artsy friends and at one point Tom Brady came up to her and was trying to hit on her."

Tom Brady and Mary-Kate Olsen??? Maybe he thought she has a thing for taller guys?!

"Mary-Kate was so not interested, and at one point she told Tom, 'Do you want a drink? The cocktail waitress is over there!'" Meow. We are lovin' the new bitchy MK!

...yeah we're confused about the whole NY/LA thing too? where is MK going to college this year?

p.s. doesn't MK look pretty in this picture? it's from the fall 2005 IOC show

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