Breakout Performance

Hey, just watched the 4th (that's counting the 2 hr. season premiere as 2 episodes by the way) episode of Prison Break and guess what???

...yup, he broke out! actually no, he just broke out of his cell, but you know what they say about baby steps (you should take them)

watch wentworth box after the jump....or try to box, you be the judge.

wow I'm sweaty & hot

arrrgh...pow! yah! take that!

whoo! that was ha-ard! man! I'm tired! huh, look @ my feet...do they look funny to you? no? maybe its just from my angle.

hey let's jump some rope! look @ me go!

fancy footwork huh? yup, I was classically trained in ballet so I'm very light on my feet!

this boxing stuff though, wow, it's hard!

I am soooo sweaty guys!
check out this big weight guys! don't I look tough? I bet you can't tell, but I'm not actually holding it up, I look tough though huh?


all pictures from Prison Break Online

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