Moss Marriage Watch

If they're really married I can totally handle it, I just want someone to confirm it or something so I know what to think! I can't handle the agony of not knowing!!! anyway, as I am left scrounging for any scraps that might hint @ whether they seriously got married or not, here's a (wedding ring-less) sighting from today's gawker stalker:

"Best sighting ever. Kate Moss and Pete Doherty hopping out of the biggest SUV ever outside of the Milk studio building on 15th. Paparazzi hopped out of the car behind them stopping all traffic. Amidst the snapping of cameras and honking horns they ran into the building. They seemed very lovey dovey. Neither was wearing a wedding ring. He is much more attractive in person than the pics I’ve seen of him. She of course is gorgeous. I knew she was short, but man she is tiny. Both seemed clean and sober."

hmmmm...well I'll keep watching and I'll keep you posted.

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