La Belle et La Bete

(Beauty and the Beast)...that's the name of the duet kate moss & pete doherty recorded together(!) to be featured on his Babyshambles album & given away free with this month's french vogue

what?!? kate sings?

also, according to this story (from british vogue) k & p spent last week in a London recording studio recording this duet...fitting in perfectly with the Daily Mirror's account of Kate doing "20 lines of coke in just 40 minutes" in "a West London recording studio...with Doherty and pals"

...despite the total injustice of this situation (hello! um, most models/celeb types do cocaine and '90s supermodels? models dating known drug addict "rock stars"? please.) anyway, this story is kind of growing on me, in part because k & p are totally telling it like it is with the whole beauty and the beast title.

note: if you're interested gawker has tons more info. concerning kate's "cocaine bust" or whatever this is...is she going to get in like legal trouble?

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