Read my Lips

so is jessica saying "fuck you" or "you whore"?

I'm really baffled by this, she must just enunciate really poorly or something.

y'know she's very entertaining while angry. I like how she leans forward for emphasis and the fringes on her bag shake. Fringes are kind of funny now that I think about it, very present with the whole western look taking over, but I guess jess doesn't know about how to wear trends. I definitely think that wearing aviators with gargantuan gypsy-ish earrings, fringy bag and western belt (ooh, wait I guess 2 parts of the outfit actually do go together), and very visible leopard print bra qualifies you as a trend whore.

nice bra though, jess, and you just make those paparazzi understand you're not looking for any more attention.

fun, animated jessica from junk feud

it's just a sweet sweet fantasy baby

um, I guess this what it smells like...? (this is from a podcast @ the promotional website)

"Hi, I'm Britney and this is my fantasy. I wake up and I'm in an enchanted forest. It's night time, the moon is full and everything around me is somehow magical. I feel supernatural and immortal. I hear owls above me in the trees and beautiful green fireflies light my way as I walk into a clearing. I'm just getting my bearings when I hear someone--a man. Approach...it's a hunter. He's got bows and arrows. He looks tar'd [seriously, that's exactly what her accent makes it sound like...] and I watch as he sits down to rest. I'm drawn to him. [this last part is said in a tone of bewildered wonderment...or I mean, it seems like that's the idea she's getting @ anyway]'

By the way, I'm sure this scent (oh yeah, it's called fantasy by the way) and the first one both smell like crap but I feel strongly that if any popstar is going to find commercial success with her perfume it should be britney, not that stupid j.lo. so, if you're one of those annoying people who bought glow, please throw it away and buy britney's stuff instead. she totally deserves a little happiness in her sad little world of fat, acne, & federline.

don't tell me what I can't do

If I was stranded on a desert island & I could only bring one person with me it would be john locke (no not that one, this one.)

why? because locke is just a problem-solving kind of guy. everyone needs @ least one person like that

he's tough. you never know what he's thinking and the mystery just makes me trust him more.

so if you would choose someone else for your island you're just wrong.

p.s. will m. & I finish season one before 9 pm september 21?

Lindsay when I said change your hair...

...I didn't mean chop it all off (a la Paris Hilton a couple of weeks before you) Seriously, why do you keep trying with this blonde thing when it's not working?

In this picture at least, you kind of look like a little kid dressing up in her mom's clothes.

along with the blonde hair, I've decided you also need to lose overly dramatic eyebrows and that tight weird smirk.

(oh yeah, this is Lindsay @ a Dior screening of Proof, so that's why Gwyneth is there if you were wondering)


Just wondering...

...how long I will last today because I didn't exactly sleep last night and I'm only really awake now because of the coffee pulsing through my veins (...actually probably only the caffiene gets in your blood but that's beside the point)

in any case, it should get me through my econ. test because that's 1st period and I don't think I really have to be conscious in any of my other classes today.

Happy Birthday Alexis

Alexis Bledel turns 24 today

...here she is @ the Calvin Klein show yesterday, contributing to all the paparazzi who scared away anna wintour.

anyway, rory looks gorgeous here, I love her eyes match her dress and I love how glossy her hair is. (although the fit of the dress looks kind of odd in this picture..but I think that's just because of the way she's standing.

karen elson

Hmm...my opinion of mrs. jack white is definitely raised by this gorgeous W photoshoot

although that beautiful hair looks pretty wiggish, right?

The whole '60s look combined with the beach setting and the birds in the bottom picture combine to remind me of tippi hedren in The Birds (maybe my favorite hitchcock heroine)

also I love the miu miu tweed cape she's wearing! I mean I pretty much love any of those '60s, hitchocock-y type

you should definitely check out the whole photoshoot. there's tons more gorgeous pictures and clothes...although there are also quite a few random topless shots, I don't really get that about W photo shoots, does it add to their arty cred or something? because I'm pretty sure like 97% of their readers must be women...whatever


lazaro & jack

what's to love about these two?
  • proenza schouler, but of course
  • they're so cute, watch the proenza schouler runway video (style.com) and they are so cute in the way the talk, smile, fidget, etc.
  • so sweet, naming their company after their moms....aww.
are they a couple or not now? b/c I know they were & they weren't because one of them (sorry I can't remember who, it's hard to keep track of every piece of gossip I've ever heard) cheated with a vogue assistant or something...innyhoo, I like them and their clothes too.

note: have to say, my all time favorite person to listen to in these videos would be karl lagerfield, hands down. he is hilarious and mesmerizing at the same time talking a mile a minute in that accent...I could listen to him all day long.

Exit Anna...

...with Patrick McCarthy from the Calvin Klein show today. the Daily gives us the scoop:

"About ten minutes before the first look walked out onto the runway...Anna Wintour...abruptly exited the building along with Fairchild Publications chairman and editorial director Patrick McCarthy. “Our society has become overwrought with an obsession over these blonde celebrities,” proclaimed Vogue editor at large AndrĂ© Leon Talley post show, referring to the starlets, which included Ashley Olsen, Melissa George and Alexis Bledel (not to mention the hoards of photographers with their backsides to Wintour) that peppered the front row directly across from Wintour’s seat. “It’s all about the photo opportunities now and no longer about the clothes. This is precisely the reason why my friend Mariah Carey would never come to a show for this exact reason.” Wintour was unreachable for comment."

[quick note: is a.l.t. still "mentoring" mariah carey then? because I haven't noticed much improvement/un-skankification so I assumed he must have given up]

...yikes, anna "nuclear" wintour sounds like she was pretty p.o.'d huh? (but she looks pretty friendly next to a.l.t. at zac posen's show) click the Daily link above to get the rest of their take on the situation, or click "complete post" to get WWD's analysis of the celeb/fashion problemo...

Calvin Klein: Anna Wintour and Patrick McCarthy walked out. Which is a shame, because this was Francisco Costa's best show yet for Calvin Klein, and clearly one of the highlights of the New York season. But it was staged in a manner that offered a microcosm of all that's out of control about the fashion show system.

We all know that the rules, the focus, the entire reason for fashion shows had shifted dramatically from an insider focus to an outsider focus. Once upon a time, fashion shows were really about unveiling new collections to retailers and editors so that they could plan their upcoming seasons. Now, it's all about the Lindsays, Ashleys, Mary-Kates, Parises and, should one be so lucky, the Umas, Catherine Zetas and Nicoles. And it's about letting in the legions of media, print and television, who cover those people as their primary role, pushing, shoving, stomping over anyone (especially unfortunate, given the editorial set's current impending baby boom) who might come between their lenses and Clay Aiken. (One show regular suggested that steel-toed safety shoes should replace the stiletto sandal as the front-row shoe of choice.)

"It's over, this overwrought fashion show, it's over," said André Leon Talley after the show. "I'm sorry, we cannot have celebs in the front row. I love celebrities, but it's over. It's for people doing their job. Retailers and editors are being treated like they're second class. This is unfortunate for Francisco. It marred and diluted his message. Press people need to address the situation and invite fewer people."

While the celebrity-obsessed design houses are primarily responsible for the change, we have all played into it gleefully at one time or another. But those whose job execution is hindered by the situation have long since cried "Uncle," while the designers expect us to continue on like the old days, business as usual. And like Pavlov's dogs, we do it. Add into the mix, fashion's traditional idiosyncrasies. In the theater, an 8:00 curtain means 8:00. In football, a 1:00 kickoff means 1:00. One can even guess with a fair degree of accuracy what time Alanis Morissette would finish last night at Giants Stadium, and the Rolling Stones would take the stage. Only in fashion does a 5:00 start mean, at best 5:20, at worst, somewhere near 6 p.m., but never, ever does it mean 5:00. And in what other industry do major players routinely throw events at which they expect people to get all dressed up in their au courant best and then push and shove their way into a venue — perhaps in an old, creeky, dangerous elevator, where they will sit in sweltering heat and sweat like pigs on overcrowded benches until the main attraction gets under way? On the flip-side, where else do people throw open-air bashes in January and February, leaving their guests to freeze while they're backstage with the heating units?

The world has many problems, and in the big picture, disgruntled fashion folk are not a sympathetic constituency. In our small world, however, we all know that the show system has spun into chaos; did you happen to catch those poor goats on Sixth Avenue on Thursday? What's needed is for cool-headed industry leaders to convene for some serious, constructive reevaluation.

The process should start with the Calvin Klein show at Milk Studios, the worst venue in New York, and among the worst anywhere. The elevators have long been a nightmare, and this time out, the busted air-conditioning contributed to the foul smell that ebbed and flowed through Section C. Still, after the show, Tom Murry, president and chief operating officer of Calvin Klein Inc., said it was too soon to comment on whether the firm would finally change locations. As for the frightening paparazzi commotion, Murry said: "The frenzy is part of the show, and the heat…I don't know what went wrong." Murry was unaware that Wintour and McCarthy had departed, but when told, said only, "I am sorry they left. They missed a great show."

Costa, meanwhile, seemed open to a move. "Maybe the space should change," he said. "I know that the elevator situation has always been an issue. But it's such a Calvin space, and being here, there is such a connection with Calvin."

Perhaps so, but while he was channeling Calvin, Calvin himself was in Rio. And in truth, Costa has moved on from the folly of trying to get into Klein's head, finally proving himself a designer of considerable weight. Thursday night should have been his time to celebrate, because he showed a fabulous collection. All about lightness and air, it featured two ongoing themes — circles and cables — which he integrated in both construction and decoration while focusing on shirt shapes and a white-based palette. In working those elements so precisely, Costa achieved something quite difficult: maintaining a minimalist integrity in quite complicated clothes.

Yet, when it rains, it pours, as they say, and a sour audience may not be Calvin Klein's only problem this season. Pre-show rumors suggested that this collection may not be produced. As part of a licensing arrangement, Vestimenta started producing the Calvin Klein Collection lines for fall 2003, and some sources speculate that the deal could end prematurely at the end of this year. The family that controls Vestimenta is said to be looking to exit the apparel business, leaving Calvin Klein Inc. with the task of finding a new manufacturer. Yet Murry downplayed the notion that the spring collection is vulnerable. "It will either be Vestimenta or, if we agree to transfer the license to another entity, it will be with them," he said, adding that Vestimenta has a long-term agreement that it is expected to fulfill until a new partner is found. "We are talking to several companies," he said.
— Bridget Foley

Happy Birthday Harry!

omg, can't believe I almost missed harry's 21st birthday! the younger (hotter) prince turned 21 today! suzy reports:

"Hail Brittania! Prince Harry turned 21 Thursday and to mark the momentous occasion his father Prince Charles commissioned the famous photographer Mario Testino to take a series of portraits of his younger son. On top of this, The Royal Mint issued 10,000 copies of a special coin to celebrate Harry's birthday featuring the jaunty prince wearing a green sweater and an open-necked shirt along with his coat of arms. Harry's grandmother Queen Elizabeth is on the reverse side of the coin. Let's hear it for Harry's new leaf. Eschewing (love that word) late-night parties and pub crawls, he spent the day and night quietly with his classmates at Sandhurst, the royal military academy where he is in training. He says he would love to tell everyone how amazing his girlfriend Chelsy Davy is "but you know that is my private life and I am hugely protective of her."

awww, that's very sweet, but I'm still annoyed that he has a girlfriend. (and I am quite frankly shocked @ what a slutty looking girl harry plucked from the masses) anyway, I totally want one of those commemerative coins they made for him but how in the world do they show him wearing a green sweater on a coin? are british coins multicolored or something?

sometimes I doubt your commitment to sparkle motion

...so go watch the video of the marc jacobs show @ style.com because it is totally the embodiment of sparkle motion! marc (who now totally reminds me of my english teacher when he talks...) says the girls had the "naive charm of high school girls"...right, I wish. andre leon talley (another vogue fave of mine along with plum sykes and the food guy...jeffery stein-something?) is in the m.j. video and he's all: "I would say 'tour de force'--and I rarely use that word--and I would say tour de force of perfection"....okay a.l.t. calm down we get it and we totally agree that this show was the unrivaled highlight of the week (and that's no matter what happens tomorrow)

p.s. I was in band freshman yr. and if we had ever gotten to march down a marc jacobs runway I totally would not have quit.

La Belle et La Bete

(Beauty and the Beast)...that's the name of the duet kate moss & pete doherty recorded together(!) to be featured on his Babyshambles album & given away free with this month's french vogue

what?!? kate sings?

also, according to this story (from british vogue) k & p spent last week in a London recording studio recording this duet...fitting in perfectly with the Daily Mirror's account of Kate doing "20 lines of coke in just 40 minutes" in "a West London recording studio...with Doherty and pals"

...despite the total injustice of this situation (hello! um, most models/celeb types do cocaine and '90s supermodels? models dating known drug addict "rock stars"? please.) anyway, this story is kind of growing on me, in part because k & p are totally telling it like it is with the whole beauty and the beast title.

note: if you're interested gawker has tons more info. concerning kate's "cocaine bust" or whatever this is...is she going to get in like legal trouble?

what's your favorite color?

Back to School

This picture totally makes me think that being a celebrity would be just like being in high school...except forever

I mean, look at the smirk on usher's face as he checks out naomi campbell's ass on the rosa cha runway.

also isn't it weird since she's like his ex-girlfriend? that totally makes me think of high school because relationships don't really end for a reason they just sort of stop + then randomly pick up again.

...also funny is the expression on the face of the girl behind usher. she's totally annoyed by all the celebrities and she's giving naomi this look that's totally like "why did you have to bring these people here?"

Lost Premiere Spoiler

I'm way too impatient to wait like normal people do for tv shows--I haven't even finished watching the 1st season of Lost but I just love spoilers, the're totally addictive, if you want to feel the rush too click "complete post" because there's a spoiler from some TV forum that basically covers everything that happens in Lost's season 2 premiere.

So enjoy or...for you patient people, the premiere is one week from today.

OMIGOD it WAS AWeSOME!!! I went down to Waikiki to see the premier of the new season. Traffic was a mess...We were running late, had to park far away...got there late...but wait....everything happens for a reason, right? so we're walking down the sidewalk and there is this guy suddenly stopping us...I look and we are right there where they have made a path from the street to the tents...It's where they are getting out of their limos!!!
Got photos of Shannon, Sahid (he is a lot smaller and thinner than he appears on tv), Dominic of course , Michael, the new guy (also an OZ alum like Michael), Matthew (Jack) , the new love interest...name escapes me at the moment, a bunch of people I had no idea who they were. Then.... SAWYER, josh himself. ADORABLE. His wife is about half his height and probably weighs all of 90 pounds. He is GEORGEOUS. Later I got up close near the tent and got more photos. Had my photo taken with my camera of me and Michael!!! he was so wonderful, polite, cute, really a good looking man. Evangline, Hurley and Terry were not there...they said they were working late.

Okay. Weather sucks, flash flood warnings. getting soaked waiting for the show to begin. I don't care if I get sick. The executive producer come on stage to blah blah blah and then pleads with the crowd not to reveal anythnig to anyone on the mainland....a lot of people in the crowd yelling back "NO WAY!" I yell "SUCKSTERS ROCK!"

On the last episode recap. Opening scene: a man wakes up, can't see his face. He's in a large room, geodesic dome kind of architecture...takes a shower...can't see his face but from behind he looks nothing like anyone we've seen before. Takes out a phonograph record (clue alert), puts the needle from an industrial kind of turntable on (clue alert) and this music from the 60's plays (clue alert) I can't remember the artist but it was like Petula Clark or something..."Sing my own kind of music, play my own special song" Make breakfast, still all we see is body parts, no face. Puts into a blender some powder, a FRESH egg, liquid. Shoots a vial of yellow liquid into his bicep with one of those "shot" guns. Starts excercising on a stationary bicycle. I see it is an old kind. YES WE ARE IN THE HATCH!!!!!!! acomputer is beeping with some kind of radar...I think it was at the beginning of the scene. All of a sudden the record skips with a violent "BOOM" Our castaways just blew the hatch. The nameless man goes and uses something that looks like a series of cameras and mirrors that goes down various dank, cellar like hallways, and we see an image of Jack and Terry (sorry I keep jumping back and forth between real names/character names).

Lots of dark jungle scenes. Hurley is great. has some really good lines. Explains to Jack the whole mental institution, crazy guy, numbers, 114 million, father dies, house burns down...chicken place where he worked getting hit by a meteor? the curse, the numbers on the hatch. All Jack says is "You were in a mental instutution?" Hurley says his bedside manner sucks and we go to Jack's past.

We meet his future wife...she is a car wreck patient in emergency... broken back. He struggles with his bedside manner.

Goes running in a stadium at night. Another runner shows up going really fast. Testerone kicks in and Jack tries to keep up with the stranger, falls, hurts his ankle. The guy comes over, nice Austrailan accent. Asks Jack if he is ok. they talk. Jack opens up a little to this perfect stranger. Talks about the patient, the guy tells him that he might not be able to "fix" her but he can "Lift her" whatever the hell that means. There are a lot of flashbacks throughout between Jack and this woman. has importance but not worth detailing.

ANYWAY...Shannon has lost the dog. Goes into the jungle with Sahid to look for him...they spot him Sahid goes around behind him, then Shannon doesn't see the dog, she calls for Sahid, no answer. All of a sudden, there is WALT. I can't tell if he is bloodied or wet he says something..but I couldn't hear....remember this is being shown on a big screen, out on the beach. 14 foot waves on the South shore and it's raining, so I probably missed a lot of dialog and visual details.

So, Walt says something then Sahid is heard running back to Shannon, she turns to see where Sahid is coming from, turns back and Walt is not there. Back at camp, no one believes her, but we all know Walt has special powers so I'm sure she did see him, he just wasn't physically there.

Earlier, after blowing the hatch, Jack made everyone go back to camp. He didn't want anyone going down and didn't see how everyone could get down to "hide" from the others.

Terry and Kate decide to go back. KAte is lowered down with a flashlight. The rope slips, she drops the flashlight. She decides to keep going down, but when she looks down, she sees something next to the flashlight (damn this weather, I cannot for the life of me figure out what it is) it might be a photo, it might be a camera, it might be a mirror...sorry I could not tell. Kate freaks out, then suddenly a bright light shoots out of the hatch, Kate screams. Kate is gone. Terry goes down the hatch.

back at camp,Jack finds out where those two have gone...goes after them. Gets to the hatch opening, no one around. He goes down. Gets to the bottom. Dusty old hallways....dust covered plastic containers here and there...dungeon or bomb shelter like hallways...a key, he enters the place where we saw the guy in the first scene. The music is playing REALLY LOUD "Sing my own kind of music, play my own special song..." sees the computer....looks like something from the 80's. about to touch a button and Terry says "I wouldn't do that" He has a gun to his head. Jack has his gun up...we hear Kate somewhere in the background, muffled yells for Jack. Can't see the man holding the gun. He yells at Jack to put it down. Jack keeps yelling "where's Kate?" see half of man's face....yelling at Jack to "drop it" in....A NICE AUSTRALIAN ACCENT.... WE SEE HIS FACE........

It's the man from the stadium...the one that Jack was racing when he hurt his ankle. He looks darker but it is him.


Cut back to Jack and his patient/future wife. He's crying as he tells her he can't fix her...that she will be paralyzed from the waist down for the rest of her life....He is so sorry, crying...she says "are you yanking my chain?" and startled he said no, it's true...so she says "so why can I wiggle my Toes? and amazed, disbelieving, goes down and damn if she doesnt have feeling in her legs...they are so happy! They don't understand, but she is miraculously cured!! He thought he failed, but he didn't.

The end.

That's it. I might have gotten the order of events a little off, but that is pretty much it.

It was awesome and I can't wait to see it again next week. Make sure you are at your televisions for the opening scenes...I tried to notice everything...but I am sure there must be more.

Oh kate...

kate moss has a little cocaine habit (the Daily Mirror)

I blame this all on pete doherty.

also, how did they get these pictures? did a "friend" or something just send them in to make money? I think kate moss needs a new boyfriend and some new friends.

the funniest thing ever

I'm @ school right now covertly posting while my teacher is not looking, but I totally just needed to say that you should go to junk feud right now to read about celebrity-way calling because it is the funniest thing ever, with like all these celebrities talking & stuff....yeah, I guess you have to see it for yourself.

Question of the Day

even Debbie Harry is doing it: are redheads taking over the world?

The Red & The Black

in her head: "god, shut up kirsten, I'm trying to watch the show! it totally sucks that I have to hang out with you while we promote marie antoinette, but I'm soooo not going to talk to you in public "

want to watch watch sophia coppola dominate more photos: check out the m.jacobs after party coverage from style.com

Let's see some butts!

if you haven't ever checked it out before, now is the time to get your butt over to junk feud's weekly butts

...and if you liked that, maybe you better go check out a whole lot more weekly butts

...and if that's still not enough, hey knock yourself out and look @ legs in cars too.

oh yeah, sparkly butt here belongs to kate moss, and what I'm wondering is: ...is this butt married to pete doherty?


angelina is edgy

...and she's also the new face of st. john knits. wow, she must be really hardcore then. st. john (which once stuck loyally to a single face--kelly grey) is currently worn by boring 55 yr.olds and they're looking to break into the younger, cooler market...thus, angelina because--according to advertising people-- "Angelina is hot right now, she's fashionable and edgy"

well, um, I hope they suit each other well. (wow! pun totally unintended....because st.john makes stodgy suits and boring stuff like that..get it?)

Brad's Identity Issues

wow, brad totally has identity issues! watch him morph into whatever woman he's currently dating @ perez hilton's message boards.

man, what a loser.

I'm totally on Team Aniston.

ms. size 12?

I totally want these isaac mizrahi riding boots and they're only $27.99 @ Target.com, unfortunately they're also only available in size 12 (boo!)

Anyway, if you're size 12 go knock yourself out before those too are gone. Although probably you (ms. size 12) don't even want them, which makes me really angry because I really want them and they're so cheap!

my life sucks.

TiVo sucks

yup, I hate stupid TiVo. There we are watching the season finale of rescue me and there's like a minute left tops, and tommy's truck makes a screeching u-turn as he's going off to try & stop his dad's friend from shooting the drunk driver who killed his son (after jesus--one of my favorite characters--talked some sense into him) when TiVo gives that smarmy little beep and just--stops...you suck TiVo. You ruined a nice, depressing season finale for me and I will never forgive you.

Dear Mandy,

I haven't seen much of you lately, where've you been? I hope you're going to make some more sappy movies soon (I've cried each of the many, many, many times I've watched a walk to remember)

plus, I totally support your musical career too. I got your debut album as a birthday present when I was in 6th grade and after that I sang 'candy' like all the time!

Hey, you look gorgeous with you long blonde hair again, and I love the whole look here, not to mention the fact that you're with zach! I totally thought you guys broke up ages ago...did I just imagine that?

xoxo, # 1 fan

cool fact: you & my sister are like practically twins because you were both born on april 10th, 1984! neat, huh? I guess that means we're practically related.

America's (real) Top Models

Take note Lindsay: the Daily has spoken and they say that redheads are totally hot!

plus, Lily Cole reveals how to be a top model: "...The secret is not to think." oh Lily, you slay me. (just kidding, she's a redhead and therefore obviously very smart)

if the Daily doesn't have enough Lily for you (plus you're irritated because they reveal karen elson is their favorite of the 3 and you know she's totally not a natural redhead!) check out the imaginary socialite's photo essay on Lily in parts 1, 2, and 3!

we're totally into the imaginary socialite's running coverage of fashion week but we have to fault her for considering Lily and Cintia and wondering whether "...there['s] runway room for two redheads." obviously there is always room for another redhead!

Teen Vogue's (flawed) Best Dressed list

um, hello? you cannot make a best dressed list and then completely leave the best dressed person in the world off of it, that seems obvious right? apparently not to teen vogue!

and whoa! you went and put sienna miller on instead???? are you kidding me, any fashion sense she has is just carbon-kate-copy! seriously, teen vogue, you totally disappointed me! (although props for including mkao)

the very, very, very faulty list is after the jump for your perusal so click "complete post" (I took out the sienna picture so you wouldn't have to get all upset like I did when I saw it, you get to look @ the--um, okay, I know it's not totally flattering but it's what came up when I googled "kate moss style icon"--pic of k. moss @ left instead.)

I <3 Jon Heder

wowzer, he looks sooo different, even more so than he did @ the MTV awards awhile ago when he was presenting...and I was shocked by the difference even then!

okay, just in case you're uncool and you haven't seen napoleon dynamite yet, go watch it now, you haven't seen anything until you've seen napoleon dancing..it's is soooo hilarious!

after the jump is an interview with the newer, cooler, un-napoleon jon heder (he's promoting just like heaven--the reese witherspoon ghost love story that comes out this friday)

pic & interview via just jared

He has lost the perm and moon boots, but Napoleon Dynamite's Jon Heder still plays the outsider as an occult-bookstore worker in Just Like Heaven.

What's the biggest difference between filming an indie like Napoleon and a studio movie like Heaven?
Uh, Reese Witherspoon. Actual movie stars.

So why do 16-year-olds in every town in America quote from a strange movie with no stars? Napoleon is about embracing the awkwardness of youth and dealing with people of the opposite sex and trying to be cool.

Did your parents get it? Kind of. My mom claims she got it. My dad didn't, but he thought it was cool to see his son in a film.

Is it a challenge to be a Mormon in Hollywood? It's simply about knowing who you are and sticking to what you believe in. Sometimes there's language issues. I'm not interested in sexual content.

You wear '70s clothes, reference '80s music. At 27, are you already a nostalgist? What we did in our childhoods makes us who we are now. I loved my childhood. They had the coolest toys back then. Star Wars, Transformers, laser-tag gun sets. Toy companies have really gone downhill.

Your improvised dance scene is among Napoleon's highlights. Where did you learn to boogie? From my heart. I love movin'. I was observant growing up, watching Michael Jackson and John Travolta. I'd close my eyes, see the moves.

Kids embrace their inner geek because of you, and you wear Gucci to the MTV Movie Awards? Explain. I'm not going chic, I swear. The geek endures. But, I mean, a snazzy cool suit looks good.

Moss Marriage Watch

If they're really married I can totally handle it, I just want someone to confirm it or something so I know what to think! I can't handle the agony of not knowing!!! anyway, as I am left scrounging for any scraps that might hint @ whether they seriously got married or not, here's a (wedding ring-less) sighting from today's gawker stalker:

"Best sighting ever. Kate Moss and Pete Doherty hopping out of the biggest SUV ever outside of the Milk studio building on 15th. Paparazzi hopped out of the car behind them stopping all traffic. Amidst the snapping of cameras and honking horns they ran into the building. They seemed very lovey dovey. Neither was wearing a wedding ring. He is much more attractive in person than the pics I’ve seen of him. She of course is gorgeous. I knew she was short, but man she is tiny. Both seemed clean and sober."

hmmmm...well I'll keep watching and I'll keep you posted.

It's a Boy!

yup, Us reports that britney has given birth to a baby boy...reportedly to be named Preston Michael Spears Federline...wow, that sucks.

update: okay, apparently they actually are naming him Sean Preston Spears Federline. so, they got rid of the unfortunate initials (p.m.s.)...too bad

update numero dos: I totally don't trust any of these "reportedly..." names so let's just wait & see what brit says, okay guys.

anyway, now we all get to wait & see if britney is really going to be a "hot mom" like she claimed in elle this month, or whether she will remain forever in her tacky trailer trash form...

maybe she and heidi klum can work out together and they'll all hang out with jen too, and then the 3 hot moms will be bff and they'll all go shopping in their matching "milf" shirts....or not.

Why Nylon...

...has made it onto my magazine shortlist:

Their august (denim) issue featured my favorite perfume on the back page which I had thought was discontinued after stupid sephora stopped carrying it....errrgh, I probably would still be separated from my true scent-mate if I had not picked up this issue to check out their thoughts on denim, which segues neatly into reason #2...

...they had a denim issue and denim is neat. (plus the issue actually contained lots of info about denim unlike some lame "denim issues" of magazines I will leave unnamed)
They've got fabulous clothes/stuff/fashion spreads but they are nothing at all like vogue, which is good because no one can out-vogue vogue.

plus, I'm not going to lie to you: this is only the 2nd issue I've read and our chemistry may lie purely in the excitement that such a short acquaintance engenders, nevertheless I have high hopes for our future.
(other mags on the shortlist: Vogue (no duh, plus vogue-y has the added distinction of being the only magazine worth saving) Teen Vogue (fairly crappy articles and no street cred, but fabulous clothes I can actually buy & wear) Life & Style (I'm not quite sure what it is about this one, but for some reason it's so much nicer than US or People)

Question of the Day

Harry vs. Will: how could anyone not think harry is hotter?


Dear MKAO,

Hey guys, are you ever going to start making movies again?

Your movies are so great: Passport to Paris, um, the London one, the Italy one, the one where you turn 16 and take a road trip, and of course your big-screen debut, New York Minute--they were all totally cool, please don't tell me it's over!

Don't feel bad that NY Minute didn't do so great in the theaters. Look @ Hilary Duff, her movies are total crap but she just keeps on churning them out.

Okay, I won't keep you guys any longer, I'm sure you have your hands full with deciding whether to live in New York or L.A. and all that stuff.

xoxo, #1 fan

don't feel bad if you guys really aren't up to the whole movie thing, I just really wanted to post this old picure of you guys and it totally brought back all those memories of the days when you guys totally looked like each other.

p.p.s. don't worry, I know you guys aren't even identical and I totally see you as individuals

The Devil Wears Prada

Filming for the movie version of Lauren Weisberger's (ex-wintour assistant) book about the extreme evilness of a "fictional" magazine editor, begins this saturday.

Anne Hathaway plays Andrea Sachs (aka Lauren W.) and Meryl Streep will play Miranda Sachs (aka Anna W.)

The movie will be styled by Pat Field (of Sex & the City fame) and feature designers like chanel, fendi, and--obviously--prada, but some designers won't be helping out, out of respect to anna wintour, however a vogue spokesperson says that:
"Anna Wintour is in full support of anything that supports the fashion industry."

Personally, I think the book was pretty mediocre as chick-lit goes but was redeemed by lots of name-dropping of designers. I guess if the movie name-drops as successfully, it could be pretty entertaining.

story via NY Post