lazaro & jack

what's to love about these two?
  • proenza schouler, but of course
  • they're so cute, watch the proenza schouler runway video (style.com) and they are so cute in the way the talk, smile, fidget, etc.
  • so sweet, naming their company after their moms....aww.
are they a couple or not now? b/c I know they were & they weren't because one of them (sorry I can't remember who, it's hard to keep track of every piece of gossip I've ever heard) cheated with a vogue assistant or something...innyhoo, I like them and their clothes too.

note: have to say, my all time favorite person to listen to in these videos would be karl lagerfield, hands down. he is hilarious and mesmerizing at the same time talking a mile a minute in that accent...I could listen to him all day long.

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