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I'm way too impatient to wait like normal people do for tv shows--I haven't even finished watching the 1st season of Lost but I just love spoilers, the're totally addictive, if you want to feel the rush too click "complete post" because there's a spoiler from some TV forum that basically covers everything that happens in Lost's season 2 premiere.

So enjoy or...for you patient people, the premiere is one week from today.

OMIGOD it WAS AWeSOME!!! I went down to Waikiki to see the premier of the new season. Traffic was a mess...We were running late, had to park far away...got there late...but wait....everything happens for a reason, right? so we're walking down the sidewalk and there is this guy suddenly stopping us...I look and we are right there where they have made a path from the street to the tents...It's where they are getting out of their limos!!!
Got photos of Shannon, Sahid (he is a lot smaller and thinner than he appears on tv), Dominic of course , Michael, the new guy (also an OZ alum like Michael), Matthew (Jack) , the new love interest...name escapes me at the moment, a bunch of people I had no idea who they were. Then.... SAWYER, josh himself. ADORABLE. His wife is about half his height and probably weighs all of 90 pounds. He is GEORGEOUS. Later I got up close near the tent and got more photos. Had my photo taken with my camera of me and Michael!!! he was so wonderful, polite, cute, really a good looking man. Evangline, Hurley and Terry were not there...they said they were working late.

Okay. Weather sucks, flash flood warnings. getting soaked waiting for the show to begin. I don't care if I get sick. The executive producer come on stage to blah blah blah and then pleads with the crowd not to reveal anythnig to anyone on the mainland....a lot of people in the crowd yelling back "NO WAY!" I yell "SUCKSTERS ROCK!"

On the last episode recap. Opening scene: a man wakes up, can't see his face. He's in a large room, geodesic dome kind of architecture...takes a shower...can't see his face but from behind he looks nothing like anyone we've seen before. Takes out a phonograph record (clue alert), puts the needle from an industrial kind of turntable on (clue alert) and this music from the 60's plays (clue alert) I can't remember the artist but it was like Petula Clark or something..."Sing my own kind of music, play my own special song" Make breakfast, still all we see is body parts, no face. Puts into a blender some powder, a FRESH egg, liquid. Shoots a vial of yellow liquid into his bicep with one of those "shot" guns. Starts excercising on a stationary bicycle. I see it is an old kind. YES WE ARE IN THE HATCH!!!!!!! acomputer is beeping with some kind of radar...I think it was at the beginning of the scene. All of a sudden the record skips with a violent "BOOM" Our castaways just blew the hatch. The nameless man goes and uses something that looks like a series of cameras and mirrors that goes down various dank, cellar like hallways, and we see an image of Jack and Terry (sorry I keep jumping back and forth between real names/character names).

Lots of dark jungle scenes. Hurley is great. has some really good lines. Explains to Jack the whole mental institution, crazy guy, numbers, 114 million, father dies, house burns down...chicken place where he worked getting hit by a meteor? the curse, the numbers on the hatch. All Jack says is "You were in a mental instutution?" Hurley says his bedside manner sucks and we go to Jack's past.

We meet his future wife...she is a car wreck patient in emergency... broken back. He struggles with his bedside manner.

Goes running in a stadium at night. Another runner shows up going really fast. Testerone kicks in and Jack tries to keep up with the stranger, falls, hurts his ankle. The guy comes over, nice Austrailan accent. Asks Jack if he is ok. they talk. Jack opens up a little to this perfect stranger. Talks about the patient, the guy tells him that he might not be able to "fix" her but he can "Lift her" whatever the hell that means. There are a lot of flashbacks throughout between Jack and this woman. has importance but not worth detailing.

ANYWAY...Shannon has lost the dog. Goes into the jungle with Sahid to look for him...they spot him Sahid goes around behind him, then Shannon doesn't see the dog, she calls for Sahid, no answer. All of a sudden, there is WALT. I can't tell if he is bloodied or wet he says something..but I couldn't hear....remember this is being shown on a big screen, out on the beach. 14 foot waves on the South shore and it's raining, so I probably missed a lot of dialog and visual details.

So, Walt says something then Sahid is heard running back to Shannon, she turns to see where Sahid is coming from, turns back and Walt is not there. Back at camp, no one believes her, but we all know Walt has special powers so I'm sure she did see him, he just wasn't physically there.

Earlier, after blowing the hatch, Jack made everyone go back to camp. He didn't want anyone going down and didn't see how everyone could get down to "hide" from the others.

Terry and Kate decide to go back. KAte is lowered down with a flashlight. The rope slips, she drops the flashlight. She decides to keep going down, but when she looks down, she sees something next to the flashlight (damn this weather, I cannot for the life of me figure out what it is) it might be a photo, it might be a camera, it might be a mirror...sorry I could not tell. Kate freaks out, then suddenly a bright light shoots out of the hatch, Kate screams. Kate is gone. Terry goes down the hatch.

back at camp,Jack finds out where those two have gone...goes after them. Gets to the hatch opening, no one around. He goes down. Gets to the bottom. Dusty old hallways....dust covered plastic containers here and there...dungeon or bomb shelter like hallways...a key, he enters the place where we saw the guy in the first scene. The music is playing REALLY LOUD "Sing my own kind of music, play my own special song..." sees the computer....looks like something from the 80's. about to touch a button and Terry says "I wouldn't do that" He has a gun to his head. Jack has his gun up...we hear Kate somewhere in the background, muffled yells for Jack. Can't see the man holding the gun. He yells at Jack to put it down. Jack keeps yelling "where's Kate?" see half of man's face....yelling at Jack to "drop it" in....A NICE AUSTRALIAN ACCENT.... WE SEE HIS FACE........

It's the man from the stadium...the one that Jack was racing when he hurt his ankle. He looks darker but it is him.


Cut back to Jack and his patient/future wife. He's crying as he tells her he can't fix her...that she will be paralyzed from the waist down for the rest of her life....He is so sorry, crying...she says "are you yanking my chain?" and startled he said no, it's true...so she says "so why can I wiggle my Toes? and amazed, disbelieving, goes down and damn if she doesnt have feeling in her legs...they are so happy! They don't understand, but she is miraculously cured!! He thought he failed, but he didn't.

The end.

That's it. I might have gotten the order of events a little off, but that is pretty much it.

It was awesome and I can't wait to see it again next week. Make sure you are at your televisions for the opening scenes...I tried to notice everything...but I am sure there must be more.

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