Smells Like Teen Spirit

...yummy, the marc jacobs show looks so sparkly and delicious! what was of note:
  • m.j. played "smells like teen spirit" on his runway soundtrack for the 5th time "Because it's the anthem of teen angst."
  • cute, retro-ish clothes--a few of my favorites after the jump
  • selma blair & gemma ward both wore dresses that I fell in love with (you can too, after the jump)
all info. & pics from style.com where you can--of course--see the complete collection too

I love gemma and this outfit

I loooove selma, her style, and this dress so much

okay, now for what was on the runway:

gemma looking sparkly & glam

...somehow this all made me think of cotton candy and the nutcracker...quite a change from marc fall 2005

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