the Style File

So as not to clutter this blog with tons and tons and tons of pictures of people's clothes I just made a whole 'nother blog with nothing but clothes: the Style File.

Go tell me what you think of their clothes. And tell me if there's anyone in particular you want to see added.

Knightley the Knife

Well isn't she looking rather knife-like?

I'd noticed in all the Domino reviews they refer to how Keira looks like she weighs about 90 lbs, but seriously she's looking pretty skinny in this NY Times feature (well actually their little "T magazine" insert) [nytimes link....to a couple more skinny Keira pictures plus the article]

Okay, now compare razor sharp Keira to these pictures in Elle from 2003....she looks much softer right? So either she lost some weight (ironic considering how often she whines in interviews about wishing she had the cleavage that they painted onto her in Pirates of the Carribean) or else they just decided skinny is in and are trying to make her look as bony as possible....

Review of Domino....hmm, I thought the previews made it look like crap (especially Keira with her butch hairdo screaming really loudly...wow, so tough.) but this review makes it sound kind of intriguing.

Halloween Par-tay

Go on it's that time of year...so learn how to carve a pumpkin like a pro!

Then go bob for some apples...it'll be fun guys!

Then to be really scared watch TomKat's alien baby be born (um, yeah you have to watch Katie give birth which is gross and scary but you will be rewarded with a dancing alien baby!) [liquidgeneration link]


Hot Mom?

Whoa, Britney is finally making an appearance after giving birth to SPF....and she looks pretty good, huh? I mean, obviously she is under a lot of pressure to lose the supposed 50 lbs she gained during the pregnancy and overcome disses--like Christina Aguilera saying she would never be hot again. I have to say she's doing good, I mean it hasn't been very long right? Seems like Brit knows what her fans want...so maybe she'll dump the trashy husband soon too?

click complete post to get a couple more pics: Brit looking pretty thin and Kevin looking like the trash he is. [pics via popsugar]

Lost in the Darkness

Oh man, so I don't know if I've said this before but I know (due to my constant trolling of the spoilers at Eonline)...y'know just in case someone really cares about Lost and doesn't want to know I'm going to put this after the jump....

but somebody please click "complete post" so I can share my spoilers and delicious theories. And if you don't watch Lost than you should really start watching it right now, go read some plot recaps and then start watching. Seriously, even if you were only going to watch like two shows I would say they should be Lost and the O.C. and that pretty much covers everything you need from TV, unless you're the ANTM type, in which case I can see how some lightweights might not want to be committed to two shows on one night. Okay on to the spoiler:

Okay, so what I was going to say is we know that a girl is going to be dying on Lost this season....The latest update is that she will not be killed by a monster, but by someone who "...just might BE a monster" All I have to say about this is that they better not be making Locke be evil! I know that it could be anyone who kills this mystery girl....but I'm worried. We've definitely seen the crazy/psychotic(?) side of Locke and we've seen that lots of people (ahem, Jack for instance..and Hurley in this last episode) have a very combative relationship to him. Well, I'm on his side, and even if he does kill someone he will always be my favorite.

Also, I'm sure this isn't intended since Terry O'Quinn was bald on Alias too, but Locke is totally reminding me of Kurtz from Heart of Darkness right now. The bald head, the jungle, the driven-ness, the difference for me is that Locke will never seem evil to me and (hopefully) will not be decapitating anyone.

The Case for Elizabethtown

I KNOW it got semicrappy reviews but I still really want to see it. I am somewhat ashamed to admit Kirsten Dunst is growing on me, mostly due to her clothes which I'm really into.

Innyhoo, review at NY Times And someone is definitely going to be seeing it with me, because I have faith in Cameron Crowe--besides I know Megan probably wants to see it anyway.

Also, I'm going to have to pretend Orlando Bloom is somebody else, because he bothers me. Someone needs to tell him he's not good-looking enough to carry off the whole "hot despite the scruffy" look....obviously he's been hanging out with Johnny Depp too long. Guys probably shouldn't be allowed to hang out with Johnny Depp for extended periods of time or they might start thinking they can pull it off too.

the Uncommon Application

mind that does not stick
means "mind that does not stick." —Zen Master Shoitsu (1202-80)

Yeah, that's a whole essay prompt. No question....maybe the fact that this doesn't inspire me to write a glorious essay revealing my true inner self is an indication that I'm not cool enough to go to University of Chicago with their "Uncommon Application"--oh that's sooooooo clever.

By the way, I don't have school today so I'm supposed to be working on my college essays...but instead I'm posting about them on a blog. I think that shows that I'm a geek and a slacker.

Reading List

In no particular order, blogs I've gotten into lately...just fun stuff.
  • Flypaper: Stuck on Style, this is a blog @ Bluefly (the designer shopping site) it's actually pretty cool with random little fashion related news. Plus, stop in at Bluefly to try and win designer handbags (um, Jess I kind of, sort of registered in your name since I'm not exactly over 18...thanks!)
  • Elyse's Live Journal (from ANTM cyle 1) First of all, she totally should've won instead of trailer trash Adrienne but she's more of a model than Adrienne now anyway.
  • Belle in the Big Apple...um, paging Jolie in NYC? About a southern girl in NYC (as title suggests) kind of interesting but not gossip-y just her life and stuff...I prefer Jolie.
  • PostSecret, obviously not a new site, it's been around for a long time (people send in postcards with their secrets on them and they post them online) I find this incredibly addictive, it feels good to read other people's secrets, plus they're purty.
  • The Awful Truth, not really a blog, but yea! it's daily now! (Also known as the home of Ted Casablanca's Blind Vices...I mean not his vices, you know what I mean)

Paris & Nicole: BFF

...okay maybe not best friends again, but not mortal enemies:

"Paris Hilton has penned a 'sorry' note to ex best friend Nicole Richie in a bid to end their fall-out.

The multi-millionaire heiress wrote the letter to her 'The Simple Life' co-star after mutual friends persuaded her to put a stop to their "petty" row. .

A source close to the blonde revealed: "Paris just wanted to call things a day after friends stepped in and told her she was being petty" ."

I hope this means they're going to make nice for the cameras so that WB or NBC will buy the show...I think the Simple Life has the capacity to be even more brilliant now that Nicole is prettier/better dressed. [femalefirst.co.uk link]

Craig, Daniel Craig

According to this e-mail, the only reason Daniel Craig got picked as the new 007 because everyone else (Hugh Jackman, Colin Farrell, Ewan McGregor) had something wrong with them:
Jackman “too fey”, McGregor “too short” and Farrell “too sleazy”
...um, did they not notice that Craig is "too ugly"? Seriously, I'm trying to give this guy a chance but since there are NO flattering pictures of him anywhere on the internet and the only reason I've heard of him before is that he was linked to Sienna Miller, this is really hard for me. [popsugar link for e-mail]

update: apparently Craig used to date Kate Moss....leading me to wonder if all famous British people sleep together, it just gets more and more twisted.

Links (from Defamer):

· “His name is Craig, Daniel Craig.” [Reuters]

· “The name is Craig. Daniel Craig.” [Times Online UK]

· The name’s Craig. Daniel Craig. [USA Today]

· Craig - Daniel Craig - confirmed as new Bond [CBC.ca]

And just for a splash of variety:

· “Blond. James Blond.” [AP]

Because it wouldn't be Lost

...if there weren't lots of geeky secrets and maps and morse code and greek mythology references and weird new sites. [tvgasm link]

Speaking of J.J. Abrams shows....Alias might get cancelled (scroll down). I'm kind over the show but I had new hope for all the new characters and plotlines..I guess we'll see what happens.


Alien Pixies

Hmph. You may call them alien pixies, but at least they're incredibly beautiful aliens--including my favorite (Gemma) and a couple of my favorite redheads (Lily and Heather). From R to L: Sasha Pivovarova, Gemma Ward, Lily Cole, Heather Marks

Also: you've got to be kidding me, that's mean and untrue.

Stella for H&M

why, why, WHY are there no H&M stores in California? Now Stella McCartney is designing a collection for H&M (with insane prices like $50 jeans and $30 blouses for stuff that looks very similar to her normal sorts of collections) anyway, one more thing I'm going to miss. Click to see the clothes here and here [via bluefly]

I want one so much it hurts

[gizmodo link]

The New James Bond :-(

It's not official yet but supposedly Daniel Craig is set to be the next James Bond. [defamer link]
I must say, I'm disappointed. First of all, I think it was really cruel to raise my hopes by bandying about Clive Owen as a possibility, because frankly, Clive is waaaaay out of this guy's league. Second, Daniel Craig is the one who has supposedly been sleeping with Sienna Miller, and if Sienna turns up as a Bond girl I may have to shoot myself. (This being because I resent Sienna for her encroachment on Kate Moss territory so I don't like to see her in any remotely flattering roles...I prefer that she stick to frumpy roles...ha ha that's her in Casanova)

Hermione's First Cover Shoot

Hermione (Emma Watson) has her first magazine cover for the November issue of Teen Vogue (teen vogue link to more pictures from the set) She seems sooooo sweet and young from the stuff she told them:

1. she was super nervous for the shoot
2. she didn't want to open her mouth because her braces would show
3. could she borrow some of their clothes for the HP premiere?
4. her mom stopped by the shoot
5. she has a crush on orlando bloom, aww....wait, that doesn't really show
6. she's sweet, just that she has poor taste.
Sidenote: this outfit would be really cute if someone hadn't decided to throw a cropped, puffy, beribboned mess on top of the blouse.

Jared Hates you Back

You really don't think Jared Leto is hot, Megan? Even with new more pretty pictures from Strut magazine (justjared link)...where do these random magazines come from anyway?

But look how upset he is that you don't like him....those sad downcast eyes, that woefully popped collar...it's still not enough for you. Fine, now he's a little bit angry, serves you right.


Vanessa Paradis

OMG, these Chanel ads have been around forever but I just figured out that the model is Vanessa Paradis...the mother of Johnny Depp's children!

Wow, modelling for Chanel and being the closest thing to Mrs. Depp????? That's pretty intense.

Plus, I love the outfits she wears at all the award shows Johnny schlepps her around too...hmm, pretty much all Chanel, that makes sense now.

I'm kind of weirded out by the Kate Moss-Vanessa similarities. Not that I don't think Johnny Depp should eternally regret breaking up with Kate because if they were still a couple they would have my "#1 best couple ever" seal of approval...but it's just kind of weird because she's not Kate. But she models for Chanel, she has slightly gapped teeth, they have similar face structure (the cheekbones..)

Sleeping with the Enemy

This is Rachel Nichols, (who plays) one of the new recruits at A.P.O. (that's where Syd works on Alias, for those of you who stopped caring after the show stopped being very good....I don't give up so easily)

Innyhoo, I have reason to believe Rach is evil and having a little affair with Sark! (lucky bitch) My evidence--from Kristin's latest chat transcript @ Eonline:

From sark4ever: When do we see David Anders again?
Very soon! I just heard that Sarkie-poo is coming back in the first half of the season and is going to be knocking boots with a main character. Guesses?

......a few questions later.......

From rouxfille: Is Rachel Nichols' character on Alias as evil as she seems?
Hint: She's also going to be knocking boots. Hmmm.

As Kristin says, hmmm. Oh, she also reveals Sark is coming in Episode 8 (I think we're on episode 3, yup I can recall two boring episodes so far this year. It's a pretty bad sign when you kill off a major character and your show still isn't exciting. I think it's Syd's pregnancy, because those suck.)

T-shirt of the Day

See, everybody (at least me and alexander mcqueen at his runway show do) loves kate.

This makes me think of this really old (by really old I mean I was like a freshman or something...so far in my past) Vogue article about the Juicys in which they talk about this shirt they made for him that said "McQueen of the Fucking World" Anyway, it stuck with me because stupid stuff amuses me and that in conjunction with this t-shirt means that Alexander McQueen will always make me think of t-shirts with slogans.

Chanel Therapy

If I had this locket I would wear it with my Chanel flats and nothing would ever go wrong in my world. (Except if I was Marissa Cooper going to a ghetto public school where people beat you up if you wear Chanel...God, those public school people are soooo scary.)

[imaginary socialite link]

Quote of the Day

Paris (Hilton): "Paris says I can keep the engagement ring. He says I earned it."
[page six via socialite's life]

In related news, Paris (Hilton again) is a bitch and a whore:

"[she] broke up with Paris Latsis in a cold way: with her new man, Stavros Niarchos, listening to her on the phone, our sources say. But Niarchos “will never be with her seriously. Stavros is just having fun,” we’re told.

Latsis’s friends are snickering over the heir-head’s telling Us Weekly, “Paris says I can keep the engagement ring. He says I earned it.” One Latsis pal snipes: “How else did she earn it? With sex. Like a hooker. It’s a diss and she didn’t get it — no surprise.”"

Um, they justfigured out Paris is dumb and slutty? This is just like their whole delayed sex tape scandal, Greeks apparently just don't pick up on things very quickly. I forgive them because they're all really rich. Plus, I would have to say female Paris got the last laugh, why should she care what crap people say about her when she has that HUGE ring.

Angry Lindsay

...yup, she's pretty angry guys, and I think she has a right to be.

y'know first of all there's all the annoying things that happen when you're trying to have a peaceful little lunch at the Newsroom Cafe (where the guy in that van she busted up works) ["5 things that make lindsay angry..." dude.man.phat link]

Then there are all those lame lesser celebrities who are alway trying to hang out with you when you go out. ergh, I hate when elisha cuthbert tries to talk to me too. [angry lindsay Pink is the New Blog link]

"My Name is Kate Moss..."

...less true than the real thing, but funnier and with less annoying Italian commentary. [liquid generation video link]

He'll Be Back

...in the movies that is, hopefully not as governor again. (When does this term end anyway? It's not like people still like him, everytime I turn on the TV it's another of this boring commercials about how "Arnold said he would...." puh-leeze, you get what you vote for you stupid over 18-yr-olds)

Anyway, those stupid people who voted for Ah-nuld should be pleased that their governor will be juggling politics with Terminator 4 and True Lies 2. [contactmusic.com]


In defense of Anna

Anna Wintour got tofu pie-d in the face outside the Chloe runway show yesterday.

I don't really get these PETA people....I mean I'm vegetarian but that doesn't mean I throw smushy tofu on people who are known meat-eaters. Although come to think of it, that sounds like a cool idea, I could be like a vigilante PETA member.

Anyway, I kind of feel about vegetarian/anti-fur aggression like I feel about those guys in suits who come to your door and try to convince you to become morman...they're annoying and they should mind their own business and stop wasting everyone's time.

Sidenote: I like the bemused/amused expressions of all the people in the background

Or is this the real Laguna Beach?

...this e-mail has been circulating the internet revealing what has--supposedly--been going on off camera. I hope it's not true because I like Jessica and hate Alex M. and all those types (via jolie in nyc)

Courtney and I had dinner with one of the “writers” of MTV’s Laguna Beach last night. He said that the show is real but they definitely set up situations. Big surprise. As most of you remember last week the gang went to Cabo. I know that some of us thought it was weird that everyone was ignoring Jessica and hanging with Alex M. Here is some background. Before Cabo they showed Jessica meeting Jason at the golf course. They hung out all day and later that night they went to a party at Talan’s house. Talan was trying to pull a fast one and not invite the MTV producers to the party. At the party (while Jason is supposedly still dating Alex M) one of Alex M’s friends walked in on Jessica giving Jason head in the bathroom. The friend that walked in immediately called Alex M and tell her. Alex M and Taylor jump into Taylor’s car to go kick Jessica’s ass but get pulled over by the cops. Instead of playing it cool Taylor throws the fake id she has in her wallet into the back seat. The cops get suspicious and ask her what it was, do a search of the car, find the fake id, interrogate Alex M and get her to admit she has a fake id too. Cuff both of them and take them down to the station where MTV has to bail them out. So in one night Alex M found out that her boyfriend is a cheater and gets arrested. The next day Kristen and her sidekick (I think that her name is Alex too?) anyway, they ask Jessica if she hooked with Jason and she totally denies everything. They later find out that she lied and that’s why they are upset with her in Cabo. LC and Jason are currently f’ing. Apparently Jason is a total moron (another big surprise) but he gets any girl super sprung. He failed out of senior year of high school and is not working. LC and Kristin are not enemies but also not bff. They are both trying to become famous so they are hanging in LA. Deter is a camera whore. Anytime the producers put together a scene he tries to tag along to get face time. MTV is hated around Laguna Beach. People that are not on the show are always throwing beer cans and stuff at the cameras.

MTV is currently are working on a spin off for next season with different characters.

Question of the Day

Anna Wintour & Pharell:
Um, this is weird right? The hip-hopification of fashion has had strange effects.


which Office Space character are you?

Take this quiz if you're too cool to take that lame "which deperate housewife are you?" (I'm Bree...)

Anyway, I'm Michael Bolton. So that means I'm "...kind of geeky and [I] share the same name with a no-talent ass clown." I mean I am kind of a geek. I do take AP programming (although I suck) and I do love Lord of the Rings (although I think Star Wars is lame)

I find it interesting that I am both uptight, perfectionist Bree and "kind of geeky" Michael...plus on top of all that I'm Summer according to this "which O.C. character are you" quiz.

Suddenly I feel like I don't know who I am...but I want to go watch Office Space right now. (And if I could choose I'd be 50% Summer, 30% Michael and 20% Bree)

Oh, and by the way, I am definitely not a ho. Are you a ho?