Seriously. Cameron Diaz was substituting for a some environmental class at Stanford this week.

This is her pretending she knows something about the environment....because of all her experience making Trippin'?

Apparently this is something MTV is doing where they send celebs around to make surprise appearances at different colleges and teach a class....surely, this is embarrassing for her? [popsugar link with lots more pictures of Cam looking stupid]

Also, I kind of hate her clothes. On the surface I guess they're kind of unoffensive but she's rich & famous, does she have to wear a plain fitted top and jeans every day--and no, topping it off with a weird hat is not an improvement....and while we're talking about clothes, is that what professors at Stanford really look like? All black with a green bowtie....I wonder if he dresses like that even when MTV isn't there.


Lost Rhapsody

One of the best things about loving Lost is that there are tons of nerdy fans to create cool computer-y amusements to keep people occupied between episodes....still, I'm not sure I can make it the 3 weeks until the next episode.

Here we have the Lost Rhapsody video, possibly even more quality fun than the Sawyer, Sawyer, Sawyer video.

Highlights: it's got a Flashback Dance Party and we discover where the island really is. [via popsugar]

p.s. I just watched Layer Cake (with Daniel Craig....the Blonde Bond) and I've changed my opinion on him, he's hot stuff especially when killing people (vitally important for 007)

If only....

...these two were still a real life (okay, on-screen too) couple

...if only Alias was still a good show so I had something to look forward to on Thursday nights even when the O.C. is being kicked out of it's spot by f'ing baseball

...if only Jennifer wasn't annoying and pregnant with Affleck's baby.

Look it's Stephen!

Those Laguna Beach kids are sooo wild. [Pink is the New Blog link]


Question of the Day

Why does Lindsay keep dying her hair colors that aren't red?

What's with that? Does she not want people to think she's too pretty or something? If I don't see some evidence to the contrary soon I'm going to have to say that this is worse than the peroxide blonde.

[popsugar link with a couple more pictures of the messy/dark look]

Random Thoughts...

First Perez met Paris and Lindsay, now Trent has met Madonna. Plus Pink is the New Blog is (sort of) back*, yea!

Plus TVgasm has a recap of Lost (if you're a loser who didn't watch it yourself) Plus I love reading TVgasm's recaps even when I do watch the shows because they're hi-larious.

Mmm, speaking of people not watching shows, Alias' is getting really low ratings...like lower than Joey, wow. So who knows how long that'll stick around. It makes me sad that Alias went downhill so much, I'm putting 100% of the blame on Ben "Ugly" Affleck. Plus a bonus 10% on J.Garner for falling for the scumbag and letting him smoke thousands of cigarettes around her while she's pregnant

....hmm, I seem to have gotten kind of off topic.

*sort of, full gossip scheduled to return tomorrow


Team MK

I used to think Paris was just stupid and slutty and shallow but apparently she's actually pure evil. She's mean to Mary-Kate and that's not okay. I mean, stealing her (ugly) boyfriend is one thing, but insulting her...that is soooo uncool. Watch the clip (where Paris is apparently dissing MK) For those of you too lazy to watch it yourself, here's what happened:
Paris said on her cellphone..."She's so ugly and jealous! She's just a jealous, ugly, anorexic idiot...I know, she's pathetic!" Kim Stewart told Paris "Shhh..shut up!" Paris laughed. Then Paris, Kim and Bijou entered the club.
I was kind of okay with Paris Hilton before this because she was amusing but now I HATE her because she's mean to Olsens, and obviously Olsens are cooler than her because they're twins and they make better movies than her.

Jason: Boy to Man

Oh man (no pun intended, seriously, it just happened.) While browsing through TVgasm's old Laguna Beach coverage I ran across these lovely before and after (puberty) pictures of Jason.

I'm impressed that Jason actually used to be a human before he morphed into a monosyllabic ape-man. Yurrgh, I'm glad Jason's not with Jessica anymore because she is waaaaay too good for him.

And oh.my.god. I am so upset that Jason is now all over my all-time Laguna fave: LC! Go away Jason, we don't like you now that you have disgusting facial hair that screams "trying way too hard" facial hair I think you need to tag along with Cedric next time he goes to the salon for his highlights so they can fix you up. Got it? Get it? Good.

Don't do Drugs...

...or you might end up like Pete Doherty (it gets worse after the jump guys, could this have something to do with Kate rejecting him?) [junk-feud link]

Mmmm...Clive Owen

You can watch the preview for his new movie Derailed which is coming out in November...or you can be like me and just have fath that it will be worth seeing because it will be two hours (give or take) of Clive.

Hopefully it will be a good movie and stuff (although I have to wonder whether you can make a "good movie" in which one of the stars is Jennifer Aniston...) nevertheless I don't really care how awful Jennifer tries to make it because

I love Clive Owen

But I neeeeeed Pink

Trent of Pink is the New Blog is taking a hiatus

....which makes me really sad, his is probably the best of those gossipy sites because he's so funny/un-negative without losing the funniness/well-designed site (in my opinion) I hope he comes back soon.


The Nasty New World

Errm, does anyone not think Colin Farrell in love scenes with a 15 yr. old girl is a tad disturbing? Okay, if you don't, how about this, they had to reshoot those love scene--from the Pocahontas movie, The New World--because "Hollywood lawyers feared the footage [broke] American child pornography laws." Also, the poor girl who plays Pocahontas--Q'Orianka Kilcher--was terrified she would faint when she first met Colin. [Corsair link]

Aside from all that stuff, I know this movie will make me really sad because John Smith (Colin) won't end up with Pocahontas...how mean was it of the Disney movie to make little kids everywhere think these two were one of those perfect fairy tale couples when they just knew one day we would hear the real story and be devastated? Disney is pretty mean.

Jen Speaks...Again

And if you still care what she has to say you can go read the article right now [Elle link]...don't you love when magazines put everything online so you don't have to waste your money? Me too.

If you're wondering why you would need to hear her story again? Well, according to Elle
"Months have passed. Seasons have changed. Eight-pound dumbbells rest on the floor. A bottle of pinot grigio chills on ice. A fabulous hair day is being had. “All that shit's old news,” Aniston says, really smiling, waving it off. “Past: done. Present: now. Future: none of our business.”

Or, as her friend Courteney Cox-Arquette says, “There's definitely been a shift. And that chapter…well, she seems really happy now.”"
...hmm, is that a coy reference to her balcony make-out sessions with Vince Vaughn?

A Hilton Family Reunion

Just in case you haven't been keeping up, check out the three part (so far) saga of Paris and her (fake) cousin Perez in Las Vegas: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Ooh, and speaking of Paris, we hear The Simple Life is almost definitely not going to be picked up by a new network after getting dropped by Fox (see this little tidbit in Kristin's latest TV chat:

From copssister: May we have a moment of silence for The Simple Life? Any chance of it being picked up by another network?
[...] And, um, no.
[Eonline link]) but Paris won't give up the dream...and according to her "All the networks are fighting over it.".....sure they are.


Vaughniston is For Real?

I'm so confused guys...so Jen and Vince Vaughn are a real life couple now? I'm all confused because I thought these were just more photos from the set of their movie The Break-up but apparently they were taken on the balcony of Jen's home...

News of the World has this to say:

We broke news of their romance two months ago—but the stars, who met on the set of The Break Up, have always denied being an item. Now lusty Jen, 36, has revealed her true feelings for Vince, 35, by CLIMBING into his lap, STRADDLING his body and giving him a long, steamy SNOG in full view of passersby.

One witness said: “They were absolutely passionate. They couldn’t have cared less if anyone was watching. They might be two of Hollywood’s brightest stars but they just looked like any other young couple in love.”

...but New of the World articles don't really make me any less confused because they are full of shit....This whole Brad-Jen-Angelina-Vaughn mess pisses me off....can they just tell us what's going on instead of denying everything and then making out/moving in with each other right in front of our faces. sheesh, I'm so over it.

[perezhilton link]
[popsugar link]

Put down the Frappucino, NOW!

Britney, remember how you disappeared for a month after SPF's birth and amazed us with how good you were looking again? Remember how in that month we didn't see you drinking any frappucinos???

Seriously brit-brit, you have to see the connection between you buying all those yummy frappucinos (with the whipped cream I notice) and you gaining 50 lbs--Yes, I know you were pregnant Britney, but you're a celebrity and that means you have to keep up appearances, okay?

Also--not to overwhelm you with so much advice all at once--but those shiny satiny camisoles have got to go. They're almost as tacky as K.Fed (especially when worn with nursing bra peeking out) and they're not super-flattering either.

Okay, go back to your frappucino Britney, I know you're not taking my advice seriously, just think about what I'm saying Brit, that's all I ask of you. [ohnotheydidnt link to more pics]