Dear Mandy,

I haven't seen much of you lately, where've you been? I hope you're going to make some more sappy movies soon (I've cried each of the many, many, many times I've watched a walk to remember)

plus, I totally support your musical career too. I got your debut album as a birthday present when I was in 6th grade and after that I sang 'candy' like all the time!

Hey, you look gorgeous with you long blonde hair again, and I love the whole look here, not to mention the fact that you're with zach! I totally thought you guys broke up ages ago...did I just imagine that?

xoxo, # 1 fan

cool fact: you & my sister are like practically twins because you were both born on april 10th, 1984! neat, huh? I guess that means we're practically related.


Nick Doty said...

You know that your sister was born in 1984, right? (So was Mandy Moore, for that matter.)

LCP said...

good point