Kate Moss VF Scans

Just went to pick up my sister at the airport and bought this issue...I love those airport bookstore places, with all their glossy magazines, and frothy novels, and sugary gum, and a Starbucks next door.

Since I'm assuming everyone but me is too cheap to go buy the whole fatty magazine go here to read the whole Kate Moss article...pretty good stuff.

Cool Fact: "Calvin Klein was looking for someone resembling the diminutive French model and singer Vanessa Paradis, who had just turned him down for an advertising campaign. 'And then I brought him Kate Moss,'...(Ironically, Moss would, in the mid-90s, start seeing Johnny Depp, who would later become Paradis's longtime partner.)"

So, I guess the similarities I noticed really are there, but Vanessa came first. [source]

Harry Potter Grows Up

In related news (to the growing up-ness of the Harry Potter clan) here is some Harry Potter ecstacy....

What I'm wondering is whether they only do this for really big releases like Harry Potter and Star Wars and stuff or whether they release for any genre of movie....say Mean Girls cocaine, or Trainspotting heroin?

Anyways, went to see it--the movie, not the drug--last night and my reactions were (to the movie that is, not the bitches who cut in front of us in the ginormous line and talked amongst themselves about how we had been trying to cut):

Overall: Meh, so-so. It carried the story along alright, and it wasn't exactly bad, but I wouldn't say it was tons of fun either and it is definitely burdened by all the hype.

Continued after the jump...

High Points:Cedric Diggory (played by Robert Pattinson) who is pretty hot--not quite hot enough to carry a whole movie, in part due to some overly rosy cheeks....unfortunately ol' Rob doesn't always appear so attractive...
Y'know, I know that Choo Choo Train (aka Cho Chang) is supposed to be really gorgeous and stuff, but considering that the only thing she had setting her apart from average was a Scottish accent....this couple just didn't seem very plausible.

Low Points: The decline of Ron (played by Rupert Grint)....this was truly upsetting.

I present to you Exhibit A (Rupert circa the release of the first Harry Potter movie)....
awww, note the cute smile and wide innocent eyes

And Exhibit B (Rupert circa present day....looking distressingly annoying)
Ew. Note how cute smile has morphed into grotesque smirk and notice the jaundiced leering from beneath his "cool" premiere-ready hair, grody.

This transformation was even more glaringly evident in the movie where we're first treated to Rupert and his glowing white, grub-like arms as he awakes in his heinous wifebeater....it was a bad way to start off the movie is all I can say.


"Seacrest Out!"

COOPER: Hey, Ryan. How's it going? That's the biggest tie I've ever seen, by the way.
SEACREST: You know, I don't know. It is -- it's bigger than my head, isn't it?
COOPER: No, it works, it works for you.
SEACREST: Look at the size of -- your bow's tiny, mine is huge.
All right. What's coming up on the show?
COOPER: I've heard that often.

[Gawker link]

P.S. Yes K, they really said this stuff..and for future reference I will attempt to put all quotes in a different font so you can easily separate the "real" reality from my my version of reality.

Kate and the Coke

I must say I'm super-duper intrigued by the fact that Kate Moss drinks regular Coca-Cola....what does it mean?

A) She's back on the other coke...cancelling need to watch calories
B) She really drinks the Coke, but she makes up for it by not consuming any other calories
C) Coke has a really funny ad campaign coming out soon
D) That guy behind her FORCED her to take the can

I pick D...notice her angry face. And the distance between her and the can, as a body-language expert I interpret this to mean that she and (non Diet) Coke do not share a very intimate relationship, and are in fact, just putting on a show for the cameras.

[image from Popsugar]


Vans(ity) Insanity

This is taking it a bit far, right?

I love the Bottega and I sorta-love the Vans (see long coveted, then completely neglected Vans that lie beneath my closet's mountain of flip-flops)...but aren't the Bottega-Vans rather fugly?

How could you possibly pull these off and not come off as a pretentious poseur?

I was reading InStyle today (at Piazza's...while cutting Comp. Sci...again) and there was a little article about Carson Kressley (Queer Eye's blonde) with a picture of his closet. It was stocked with about 10 pairs of Vans slip-ons, including multiple pink.

Hopefully, that tells us something.....pink Vans are totally hawt!

[Flypaper link]

This, My Friends, Is a Comeback Kate

I love how perfect and glamorous Kate looks...y'know like always.

"Kate Moss holds on tight to daughter Lila Grace, 3, at a Barcelona airport on Sunday. The supermodel spent two days in Ibiza shooting Roberto Cavalli's spring-summer ad campaign – her first job since checking out of an Arizona rehab clinic on Oct. 25."

It is reassuring to have proof that all that rehab didn't destroy her. [JJB]

I Once Was Lost...

...meh, I don't know where I was going with that title since I'm mos def still Lost....that being the one show I've remained faithful to all season.

(Yeah, I totally dumped America's Next Top Model and Prison Break....which incidentally I taped tonight, so maybe Wentworth & Co. still have a chance in my busy busy schedule. And I feel really bad for the way I've been cheating on Veronica Mars....I don't even have a good excuse, except that I desperately need TiVo, seriously, who in the world could love TiVo better than me? Certainly not certain people I know...*cough* Kate *cough*)

...oh right, getting back on track, check out this brazilliant theory about the those annoying Tailies who are currently plaguing Lost. (The following is an excerpt from the possibly SPOILER-ish article, so don't read it if you're enjoying your ignorance.)

"Libby's a plant. She's the Ethan of the Tailies' camp....Libby's the last one to interact with Cindy. And Cindy's carrying a large blue knapsack. By the time they've climbed to the top, Libby's carrying the knapsack. You're telling me she took the knapsack from Cindy and then proceeded to forget all about her? This is a ridge, not K-2 — you don't just ''lose'' people like that. Also notable: Cindy hands Libby a walking stick of some sort, just before we lose track of her completely. As this handoff takes place, we see a cavelike opening in the background, right where Cindy's about to pass. And it looks as if there's some sort of shape inside. But here's my best evidence of Libby's treachery: Tonight, she told Sawyer she's a clinical psychologist. Well, who appears to have designed this tropical house of horrors, according to a certain orientation video? A team of clinical psychologists, that's who. Coincidence?"

Not quite as satisfying as if Ana "Ugly Bitch" Lucia was the evil one, but I'm kind of resigned to the annoying face of Michelle Rodriguez sticking around for awhile. Damn.

Kirsake Strikes Back

Wait...they're back together again?

But...I was totally watching Ellen when Jake said he was single (and the audience cheered) WTF.

Related: Why does everyone hate Kirsten? It's not her fault she can't live up to the standard of hotness Jake sets...
-Oh No! Jake and Kirsten Together Again? [Popsugar]
-Save Jake! [Perez Hilton]


Mean Gays

Not quite as good as if there was a Mean Girls 2...but pretty entertaining. Watch Mean Gays now.

[from Mixed Company of Yale via collegehumor]

Note: The "gel" idea was totally in a recent episode of Nip/Tuck...except it was anti-aging lotion and Joan Rivers was advertising it on TV. For reals.

Ew. Unhappy Thanksgiving.

Not that I've ever liked this overpriced shit that doesn't even come in diet (shock!) but this is stooping to a new level of nasty.

Flavors: Brussels Sprout with Prosciutto, Cranberry Sauce, Turkey & Gravy, Wild Herb Stuffing, and Pumpkin Pie.

Are they fucking kidding? (And, I think they are...) Brussel Sprout with Prosciutto??? Barf me a river. They even manage to make Christmas taste bad.

[link to PaperMag's opinion]
[and if you're jonesin' to buy some....get more info here]

She Wants Us, That's Why She's Messing With Our Heads

That's what she says anyway. Listen to LiLo sing Cheap Trick's "I Want You to Want Me" on TRL.

And about that ring: She's just, “messing with us since we mess with her.”

WTF? When have I ever messed with you like that Linds? When? Never! You know why? I would not mess with you like that because I care about you and your mental well-being. Bitch.

[via Popsugar]

Yeah, and That's The Way it Should Be

"In the 60th anniversary Who's Who in America, George W. Bush weighs in with one and a quarter column inches of biographical information. The Olsen twins, right (Mary-Kate, left, and Ashley), garner twice that much space."

Seriously, don't you think MKAO have done a lot more to better the world than W? Because if you don't, you're wrong. One quibble with the book..."...Noam Chomsky, six."...um, not okay. Noam is pretty cool, but not that much cooler than the Olsens!

Read the whole NY Times article.