Bitch, Please! Her Favorite Candy is Nose

NYU girl: So my friend had a class with Mary-Kate--
NYU boy: Uh huh.
NYU girl: --and they were all going around saying what their favorite books were. But when it got to Mary-Kate, she just said, "Well, my favorite candy is a Tootsie Roll."

[Overheard in New York link]

Betty Goes Goth

A little bit of Halloween-esque Archie fun...[accordianguy link via b.w.e. blog]

Notice, how Betty is the only one of the gang who looks pretty in her little goth outfit. Also, since when are goth teenagers friendly types who come up to preppy blonde girls in coffee shops to offer life advice?

America's Next Trashy Heiress?

Tyra's Halloween costume freaks me out...at first glance I didn't even recognize her in all the white skin.

In related Tyra news, TVgasm has the latest episode recap up


Stella Star

How cool is it to have your name in boxwood letters? That's my new ambition in life...although I think I'll hide them in the backyard so the neighbors don't think I'm too full of myself.

Speaking of Stella, I want some. How unfair is it that she is making gorgeous, cheap clothes and yet there are still hundreds of miles between them and me?

Update: Okay, I will stop complaining, H&M appears to have recognized the need for a store on the West Coast (finally) and they are putting it in San Francisco (because NorCal is so much cooler than shallow, overtanned SoCal)

Not Hot

Hm, I kind of vaguely remember a time when Ben Affleck was kind of sort of okay looking (back in the Good Will Hunting day) but it's been just one long downhill road from there. Let's recap: first there was the whole "Bennifer" juggernaut, which is to blame for all celebrity hybrid nicknames (from Brangelina to Vaughniston) as well some big missteps for Baffleck (Gigli, Jersey Girl, did anyone even see Jersey Girl?) Still,I honestly believed he could make a comeback as the boring but cute leading man once he dumped the butt....but, no.

He then preceded to launch Bennifer 2.0 and ruin the perfection that was Sydney Bristow by getting her (Jennifer Garner alter-ego) pregnant, ruining the Varner dynamic on Alias, and displaying a complete lack of decency by smoking thousands of cigarettes around his pregnant wife.

And now look what he's done. Yes, that is a handlebar moustache...begging the question, is Ben leaving the drowning ship that is his career to become a porn star?


Question of the Day

Question: Which one would sell more clothes?

Answer: Unless, H&M was like forced to get rid of her by...someone mean, I think they were really dumb to get rid of her. Not only is she the perfect model for making ugly (not that I'm saying the Stella clothes are ugly, because they're not) but also she has like ten million times the publicity right now than what H&M can get on its own.

P.S. the Moss-ter is out of rehab now...and writing poetry.

[click them to enlarge the pictures]

Madonna's Hung Up

It's pretty good stuff...although a 47 yr. old woman dancing around in a hot pink leotard and hanging out with teenagers is kind of awkward when you think about it.

But, it's good if you try to forget her poseur-ish faux britishness and her evil strict mom-ness and her extreme old-ness. But go watch the video.

MK Makes a Movie?

Please tell me this is really a script MK is reading (junk feud link with plot speculation involving France Hoetel, Greek S. Aire, and Ana Coker)

But seriously, I just want another nice, fluffy Olsen movie. It's nice that MKAO are always in magazines/tabloids/newspapers for their health/boyfriend/drug problems, but that is only enough to tide me over between movies...I'm not sure I can take another year without an Olsen movie.


She's Irreplaceable

..but H&M is trying to replace her anyway.

They're using model Mariacarla Boscono as the replacement for Kate Moss in their ad campaign. Nice try guys, but it's really not the same.

As W puts it so well, she's "the inimitable Miss Moss".

[Dlisted link]

Bras are the New Panties

...and they're the latest accessory to show off according to La Lohan, Ashlee "I [did] steal your boyfriend" Simpson, Britney, and Xtina and as documented by La at junk feud.

Question (and Answer) of the Day

Question: How hot is Cedric Diggory? (played by actor Robert Pattinson in the upcoming Harry Potter movie)

Answer: Very Hot. Definitely lives up to the hype from the book, and finally another hot guy since Wood graduated after the 2nd (or was it 3rd?) movie. However Cho Chang (Choo-Choo Train) definitely does not live up to her literary counterpart.....is she really supposed to be pretty? seriously? I mean I guess maybe she could pass as cute (in an annoying way) but seriously, I think Harry could do better then that.

[justjared link with tons more cast pictures including Harry, Ron, Hermione, Fleur, and Viktor]

Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen

Watch L.Lo's new video...it's very dramatic.

I mean, it's a tad over the top, but that's we want from Linds, right? Plus Ali Lohan (her little sister, who plays little Lindsay in the video) is so cute in her little tutu. My only problem with the video is Lindsay's annoying hair: it looks like crap, all peroxide-ed and rootsy, it made me very sad.

[video link via popsugar]


Olsen Family Reunion

Here's something we haven't seen in a while...MKAO hanging out together! (Okay, this isn't exactly true, but it's the first time in a long time there's been a picture of them not hiding behind their bodyguards)

This is the twins in L.A. at a party for design house Tsubi (the same party where La Lohan showed off her semi-red hair)

In sadder Olsen news, "Mary-Kate took a leave of absence from her studies at NYU this semester to return to the West Coast and the twin moguls' billion-dollar company, Dualstar"...so I guess there'll be lots more separate photo ops....maybe they don't hang out together very often because Ash is jealous of how much cooler MK is, that must be hard.

[People link]

This is the Hierarchy of Cool:

If you're the essence of cool you ignore the paparazzi...

click "complete post" to get the rest of the hierarchy....

If you're really cool you hate the f'ing paparazzi...

If you're pretty damn cool you try to hide from the paparazzi...

If you're slightly irritating you'll put on a show for the paparazzi...

If you're incredibly annoying then you won't admit to it, but you'll flaunt your stolen boyfriend for the paparazzi...

If you're the scum on the bottom of the bathtub you'll throw yourself on top of your stolen boyfriend and like the cheap ho you are...

Gemma & Josh

...are going on vacation together (at least in the pretend world of the Novemeber Vogue) If you're wondering why this is worth posting it's just because Gemma Ward is my 2nd favorite model (after Kate Moss, obvs.) and Josh Hot-nett, as I and (my old favorite mags) CosmoGirl and Seventeen used to call him back in the day when he was hot stuff. Remember 40 Days and 40 Nights? yup, he made some pretty craptastic movies but I forgive him because he and Gemma look so cute.... [justjared link with tons more pics from the layout]

Also, Reese is on the cover this month! Check out the pics of Reese Witherspoon and Joaquin Phoenix, I'm definitely psyched for Walk the Line (Johnny Cash biopic) because they're cool and the movie looks worthwile too.


"Just a small town girl, living in a loooooonely wo-orld...she took the midnight train going aaaa-nywhere...."

Admit it, Family Guy + Journey = tons of fun sing-a-long

Man, do I love that song. I only wish I had a clip of that time on Laguna Beach when Stephen and LC were driving at night and this song came on and even they couldn't resist singing along (kind of half-heartedly...but I can't really imagine Stephen doing anything with enthusiasm, except maybe that)

Not Good Enough

I'm only putting this picture up because it is supposedly red hair...but I don't know, does that look red to you? I will not be happy with Lindsay's hair until it is Real Lindsay Red, okay? hmm, or maybe a little lighter like this. Nonetheless, that should be pretty soon right? Considering how often her color changes...

Okay, also I'm posting a full-body version of the picture after the jump...and it kind of seems like she's gained a lot of weight. Not that I'm saying she's too much or anything but seriously, it seems to take her approximately two weeks to gain/drop 20 lbs. Is there really any way that she could be do without the help/hurt(?) of lots of drugs.

And, speaking of drugs...how weird is that? How can Adderall be cool in LA suddenly when it's been around high schools forever. Seriously, I think celebrities should try a little harder. (Not that I do Adderall or anything, I'm just saying.)

[picture and "hot" caption from perezhilton.com]