America's (real) Top Models

Take note Lindsay: the Daily has spoken and they say that redheads are totally hot!

plus, Lily Cole reveals how to be a top model: "...The secret is not to think." oh Lily, you slay me. (just kidding, she's a redhead and therefore obviously very smart)

if the Daily doesn't have enough Lily for you (plus you're irritated because they reveal karen elson is their favorite of the 3 and you know she's totally not a natural redhead!) check out the imaginary socialite's photo essay on Lily in parts 1, 2, and 3!

we're totally into the imaginary socialite's running coverage of fashion week but we have to fault her for considering Lily and Cintia and wondering whether "...there['s] runway room for two redheads." obviously there is always room for another redhead!

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everyone said...

redheads are so awesome.
i love redheads.