After never really getting into Lost last year and not really remembering to watch all those summer reruns (although summer reruns suck because they don't show all the episodes) I finally started watching Lost! (as a confirmed Alias fan, this is obviously something I should've done long ago)

Saw parts 1 and 2 of the pilot today and they were so good! Love the actors, the suspense, the flashbacks, and everything else! This so takes me back to when I first watched Alias (all night of halloween sophmore year, fueled by starbucks frappucinos and adrenaline, the music of the credits pumping through my veins along with the caffeine: "dun-dun-da-da dun-dun-da-da-da daaaa-da daaaa-da....bad ro-bot") I can't wait to cram the rest of the season in before season 2 starts!

question: are they just going to be stuck on that island for years? because won't the show have to end when they get rescued? (this is kind of like my questions concerning the O.C.: will they go to college a la 90210 and Boy Meets World or will the series end with this season? this is basically the eternal debate between whether it's better to go out with a bang or slowly fizzle away)

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