sometimes I doubt your commitment to sparkle motion

...so go watch the video of the marc jacobs show @ style.com because it is totally the embodiment of sparkle motion! marc (who now totally reminds me of my english teacher when he talks...) says the girls had the "naive charm of high school girls"...right, I wish. andre leon talley (another vogue fave of mine along with plum sykes and the food guy...jeffery stein-something?) is in the m.j. video and he's all: "I would say 'tour de force'--and I rarely use that word--and I would say tour de force of perfection"....okay a.l.t. calm down we get it and we totally agree that this show was the unrivaled highlight of the week (and that's no matter what happens tomorrow)

p.s. I was in band freshman yr. and if we had ever gotten to march down a marc jacobs runway I totally would not have quit.

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p. said...

i love these videos of the shows, wish they had more!