Hey, apparently the Daily loves kate almost as much as I do! Here's what they know about her:

Goaty to the max:
Born in Croydon in 1974, Kate’s a Capricorn.

Coversky modelsky: Kate was Russian Vogue’s very first.

Tabac To The Future: Kate met Johnny Depp at NYC’s CafĂ© Tabac in 1994. They spent the next four years together, including one special night splashing around in a vintage Bollinger-filled bathtub at London’s Portobello Hotel.

Freudian Analysis: Lucien Freud’s nude portrait of Kate sold for £3.5 million ($6.4 million).

Dior Adores Her: John Galliano, whose fall 2002 Dior couture collection was inspired by Kate, calls her the modern Marilyn Monroe.

Small Hips, Small Screen: Kate’s TV appearances include the documentary Models Close-Up and the BBC comedy series French and Saunders.

Music Muse: Not only has Kate sung backup for Primal Scream and on-again/off-again boyfriend Peter Doherty’s band Baby shambles, she has also appeared in music videos for the White Stripes, Johnny Cash, and Elton John.

Stretch marks? What are those? Kate had a daughter, Lila Grace, in 2002; Dad is publisher Jefferson Hack. Marianne Faithfull was the guest of honor at Lila’s christening. Kate has allegedly taken singing lessons with Faithfull.

Ban de Soleil: Kate was banned (for life) from the Hotel du Cap because she entertained friends loudly at the discreet $4,000-a-night destination.

Thai One On: Kate’s a regular at the Chiva-Som resort in Thailand, where she and Sadie Frost often head for some R&R.

High (priced) Sierra: She spent $3 million on a condo in L.A.’s Sierra Towers, which also house such celebs as Lindsay Lohan and Matthew Perry.

Lifestyles of The Rich & Dehydrated: Kate shocks her neighbors by having a staggering 40 liters (eight gallons) of expensive mineral water delivered to her north London home—everyday! Some suspect she’s bathing in it and/or washing her hair with it.

Who Says Models Don’t Read? The theme of Kate’s 30th birthday party was F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Beautiful and Damned.

Home Is Where The Leopard Skin Is: Kate’s London abode is furnished with leopard-skin carpets, sheepskin rugs, low tables, and pillows everywhere.

Rumor: Kate adores Chips Ahoy! cookies.

other cool facts about kate:

Plum Sykes wrote an article about her for Vogue

W loves her so much they put her on 9 covers @ once

(note: Plum Sykes' articles are by far vogue's best (they're more snarky, gossipy, & interesting than vogue's usuals) and Bergdorf Blondes is by far the literary world's best...okay I think I have to add that that last part isn't totally true because you'll think I'm a total airhead since I already listed vogue as my favorite book in my profile, seriously I don't think I hate listing my favorites because I can't think of any single book/movie/musical genre/color/food that I want to be defined by)

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