it's just a sweet sweet fantasy baby

um, I guess this what it smells like...? (this is from a podcast @ the promotional website)

"Hi, I'm Britney and this is my fantasy. I wake up and I'm in an enchanted forest. It's night time, the moon is full and everything around me is somehow magical. I feel supernatural and immortal. I hear owls above me in the trees and beautiful green fireflies light my way as I walk into a clearing. I'm just getting my bearings when I hear someone--a man. Approach...it's a hunter. He's got bows and arrows. He looks tar'd [seriously, that's exactly what her accent makes it sound like...] and I watch as he sits down to rest. I'm drawn to him. [this last part is said in a tone of bewildered wonderment...or I mean, it seems like that's the idea she's getting @ anyway]'

By the way, I'm sure this scent (oh yeah, it's called fantasy by the way) and the first one both smell like crap but I feel strongly that if any popstar is going to find commercial success with her perfume it should be britney, not that stupid j.lo. so, if you're one of those annoying people who bought glow, please throw it away and buy britney's stuff instead. she totally deserves a little happiness in her sad little world of fat, acne, & federline.

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