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note: To be updated as I get around to it
more notes: All subject to change. the parentheses next to the titles show what kind of opening it is so if it says NY/LA or "limited" who knows what it'll come everywhere else. also: these are only the movies I think are of note, there are other stupider-looking movies which could turn out to be fabulous)

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Friday 9.16.2005
Everything is Illuminated (NY/LA)
Liev Schrieber directs. Elijah Wood plays an American Jew searching for the Ukrainian woman who rescued his grandfather from the Holocaust

Just Like Heaven (Nationwide)
Reese Witherspoon (the ghost) falls in love with Mark Ruffalo (the guy who moved into her apartment after she died...right) Also has that guy (Jon Heder??? I can't remember his name) from Napoleon Dynamite!

Lord of War (Nationwide)
Ethan Hawke (as an Interpol agent) is tracking Nicolas Cage (an arms dealer) around the world. Supposedly this is "black comedy". Oh yeah, I think Jared Leto is in this too.

Proof (NY/LA)
Gwyneth Paltrow (the math-y daughter of an insane math genius father) falls in love with one of his students, Jake Gyllenhal (!) Directed by John Madden (who directed Gwyneth in Shakespeare in Love)

Thumbsucker (NY/LA)
story centers around a 17 y.o. boy (Lou Pucci) who sucks his thumb. Also has Keanu Reeves, Benjamin Bratt and some other famous-ish people

Tim Burton's Corpse Bride (limited)
animated gothic comedy about a repressed Victorian (Johnny Depp!!!) claimed by a bride from the Land of the Dead (Helena Bonham Carter, the girl from Fight Club)

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