don't tell me what I can't do

If I was stranded on a desert island & I could only bring one person with me it would be john locke (no not that one, this one.)

why? because locke is just a problem-solving kind of guy. everyone needs @ least one person like that

he's tough. you never know what he's thinking and the mystery just makes me trust him more.

so if you would choose someone else for your island you're just wrong.

p.s. will m. & I finish season one before 9 pm september 21?


Treenman said...

hey thats my birthday!!! is that the reason megan said i COULDNT have my birthday dinner on wednesday... because of lost? youve disappointed me once again BLL. haha... anyway people like tv better than me so the dinner will be no problem friday. blah blah blah.

LCP said...

um, no, I would totally rather go to dinner with you (saving lost of course) the no wednesday must be some personal megan issue

LCP said...

p.s. congratulations on figuring out how to leave comments k.