For the Marissa Cooper in Your Life

...Or the Kirsten Cohen, although she tends to go straight for the bottle. And by the way, if you don't get these random references you can assume that you're just super-cool and have no time to waste on the O.C.

This cell-phone shaped flask is Style.com's Item of the Week (click for larger image so you can read the caption, it's really quite reasonably priced) as perfect for, "quick nips in the limo" and "spiking inadequate punch at a New Year's party."

Sheesh, the O.C. and Vogue both are just such bad influences on me. I should go back to watching Gilmore Girls instead.


Kate (The Only "Moss" In Our Woods)

I am totally obsessed with this necklace (and its name) Plus, I think it's time my jewelry collection expanded beyond the constraints of Urban Outfitters, I mean the Laguna Beachers buy jewelry at Urban Outfitters and even I know better than to follow their fashion example.

Anyway, considering that Kate's price is quite reasonable ($54) I think I should buy myself the gold one for Hannukah and the silver one for Christmas.

Ah, the joys of being a halfsie

[Alex + Chloe handy online shopping for my presents, wink wink nudge nudge]
[Today's Obsession....even my obsessions aren't original FWD].

Fashion Disaster

"THE cost of a transit strike to department stores and designer boutiques in New York during the week before Christmas and Hanukkah will undoubtedly be staggering. The cost to the greater cause of fashion could be even worse."

When perusing the NY Times, I rarely actually read the articles because of the air of droning voices and and utter boredom that their little blurbs manage to exude.......yet occasionally I run across something so frighteningly important that am I persuaded to actually click through the kajillion pages the article consists of. Really, with a hook like this, how can I resist?

In this time of trouble the NY Times is spotting a resurgence of terrible fashion faux pas such as "weird, leotardy types of things and oversize purple Patagonia sweatshirts." You think that's silly? Are you thinking that the Times is being just a tad overdramatic, but wait,
It was, after all, the transit strike in 1980 that led millions of New Yorkers to walk to work wearing business suits with running shoes, usually white. It was a look born of practicality, but one that commuters refused to cede when that strike ended, as if their long-term comfort was another chip on the union's bargaining table. Thus was born one of the worst fashion trends ever.
White sneakers with business suits! Arrrrrghhhhh, we cannot let another national disaster like that one occur! Damn unions! Those kerflingin' ungrateful socialists are at the root of all fashion evil.

[A Sense of Fashion is Lost in Transit NY Times]

Snack Attack, Mothafuckas!

Oh God, I think I just died laughing. Best SNL short since Chris Farley and Patrick Swayze were auditioning for Chip 'N Dales. This is my life (minus that HOT jacket)


Um, this made me feel very bad about how much I care for the well being of "BritNeyNSeAn"....but hopefully you are cool enough to enjoy it guilt-free.

BritNeyNSeAn4eVa (2:28:21 AM): hell ya. a tiger don't change his spots. he cheated on his babymomma so u cant tell me he won't cheat on Brit. she needs to think about her baby since she's a momma now. i seen it happen to my friend her baby's daddy went back to his old girlfriend before my friend had her baby and now he don't talk to her or see the baby or nuthin :(
BritNeyNSeAn4eVa (2:28:52 AM): and hes ugly 2.

You can read the whole "IMterview" here, but I found this little excerpt to be a perfect encapsulation of what I find wrong with Kevin. As Hailee puts it so eloquently, "a tiger don't change his spots."

[Snark City]


Leo Shops at Victoria's Secret

........for the models that is.

I totally take back what I said about feeling sorry for Leonardo DiCaprio because Gisele had moved on to someone who is actually hot.

Leo is supposedly with this 20 year-old Victoria's Secret model.
Um, so I guess that means Leo is over it too.


Jenny Shimizu vs. Maddox Jolie

Um, I guess all we can conclude is that Angelina Jolie thinks mohawks are hot.

Watch for Brad and Zahara to get mohawked very very soon, considering that Angie appears to control the lives of everyone around her.

[Rumours are People Too Fashion Addict Diary]

The Worst Best-Dressed

Vogue, how could you do this to me?

Sienna Miller
"starring" in your best dressed January issue.........is this how you want to start off our year? On a lame, copycat, slept-her-way-to-fame note?

Oh, and when you refer to her as a "Headline Maker" and a "Rule Breaker" I assume you're referring to the headlines she made when her famous boyfriend cheated on her and the rules she broke by following Kate Moss's style down to every last hat, flat, and jean.

I assume Vogue just stuck Sienna on the cover because she's a "famous actress" who is more likely to sell magazines than say, someone with original style, but it still hurts.

[Obsessed With Best Dressed FWD]


Paint the Stars Black

Not to talk about only Chanel or anything, but how gorgeous are five black Chanel outfits all in a row? Certainly too gorgeous to leave languishing on Teen Vogue's hit or miss page, because sometimes I doubt your commitment to annoyingly undersized magazines.

(Ashley Olsen, Mia Maestro, Diane Kruger, Lindsay Lohan, and Amanda Hearst) It almost makes me not hate Mia Maestro (not quite though, I still kind of blame her for the downfall of Alias)

[images from Teen Vogue]

Dear New Face of Chanel,

First of all, puh-leeze don't get used to me calling you that all the time or anything because I'm getting very tired, very fast of you flaunting this new contract in our faces all the time.

Rule #1 As a face of Chanel you are expected to look good all the time.

Rule #2 Yes, you are expected to show some Chanel love, but (and this is a big butt) never at the risk of making it look ugly.

That said, please never pull a stunt like this one where you drape your self in advertisements, and fail MISERABLY at making it look good! Now, I know this sounds a little harsh, Linds, but you are no longer representing yourself, you are representing CHANEL.

No Lindsay, DON'T try to explain yourself. You are a bad enough influence on your little sister as it is--btw, EW, ALIANA, go to your room and change NOW--and I think we all know how hard it is to overcome sisters with bad taste. Besides (since I refuse to sully this post with pictures of you making a fashion victim of yourself) I posted a picture of you doing the Chanel right, and you look very purty here. Thank you, that is all.

<3 LCP

Don't Call it a Comeback

....or do, whatever. Either way go watch Kate Moss's ad for Virgin Mobile.

Um, but don't enter the contest to win a phone signed by her because I already did and I want to win

.....although here I go telling you so apparently my subconscious has already given and decided I can't win. Although on the other hand, I didn't put a direct link to the contest, so I guess if you really want to enter you're going to have to go find it yourself! MWA HA HA HA!


Hi, I'm on Crack.

As in, "Hi, I'm on Project Runway for the 2nd time, my name is Daniel Franco, and I. Am. On. Crack"

Yuck, please God make Daniel go away or I might go apeshit on Katrina's TV the next time he faces the camera and quivers like the high-strung rabbit he is.

Gross. Go away and come back when you're clean Daniel. I don't think Bravo can handle you and Whitney Houston at the same time.

[Images from FourFour's (brazilliant as usual) recap]


Innocent Escapes

Oh god, sometimes commercials are the best entertainment around! For seriously guys, check out the human Brawny man, what he lacks in hotness he makes up in sensitivity!

Seriously, this lumberjack is here for you in your time of random breakdown and on top of the paper towels he offers to wipe your teary eyes (Uh, no word on way such a sensitive guy doesn't have something softer like, say, Kleenex lying around the log cabin....but I guess the best ads aren't really the best ads if you know what I mean) Never mind those rough towels though, the Brawny man will also soothe you with tiramisu and the ol' six string.

Go to your happy place.
[via The WOW Report]

I Can't Help it...

...I know they're movie stars and they live in their own perfect little worlds, but sometimes I just feel really sorry for them. In this case, I have to say it, Poor Leondardo DiCaprio!

Obviously he was the famous one in the relationship but it must be hard for him to see his (way hotter than him) ex-girlfriend rebound with someone appropriately hot.

Oh, poor pasty Leo! Who will love you now that Gisele has moved on to tanner pastures?

[image from People]

Dear LiMossLo,

First things first: congratulations on figuring out that you two of the only cool celebrities (although Kate: you're obviously about 10,003 times as cool as Lindsay) and getting together for a little dinner at Mr. Chow's.

Quick note to Linds: smart move figuring out who's hot and complimenting them so as to get in their good graces: “She looks great. She wears things that could take hours to put together, but she probably doesn’t take much time.” -LiMoLo....yes, Lindsay I see the way your Machievellian little mind functions and I know that you were taught well by the Mean Girls.

Now, Kate, obviously you look gorgeous. You own the skinny jeans with flats look, other celebs who try it get compared to you, as Scarlett Johanssen learns from Elle: "...trend-setter Johansson's chic black skinny [jeans] set off a cavalcade of covetous glances among the assorted stylists. Think Kate Moss...." [Source] yet you're not one to rest on your laurels. Props for your innovative little leather jacket/capelet thing!

<3 LCP

Now & Then

(With "Now" on the left and "Then" on the right, in case you couldn't figure that one out.)

Okay, obviously I'm firmly on the Lindsay side in that little feud, but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate Hillary for her more saccharine take on the Disney princess.

In fact I just watched her most recent movie, The Perfect Man (craptastic, but cute guy and cute little sister--isn't that how it always goes?) Aside from these cuties (the former a comic book geek and the latter a spelling bee champion........wow, the Duffster is so original) what was notable about the movie is that Hillary is beautiful. Granted, it's in the aforementioned saccharine Disney princess way, but she's still incredibly gorgeous---or was gorgeous anyways.

In contrast, in the recent picture (taken some time in the undistant past at the Cheaper by the Dozen 2 premiere....btw, that's one Duffster movie that even I wouldn't subject myself too) Hillary looks like absolute CRAP. Sheesh, when did she become a 40 y.old crack whore? Yeah, we noticed that you lost weight Hil, but it was so not worth it when we take into account those enormous undereye bags you gained and those horrendous new veneers you seem to be struggling to hold in your mouth.

My advice? Lay off the drugs, the Good Charlotte, and the monstrous orange earrings. Then, go get some sleep, eat something wholesome, (may I suggest blueberry pancakes?) dye the hair super-blonde again, and you'll be back to normal in no time. Good Luck!

The Imitible Sinead O'Connor

Gawker noticed this picture of Natalie Portman appears in a Village Voice review with the caption,

“The inimitable Sinead O’Connor.”

Oh, the irony. On a related note, when is Natalie going to grow back her hair? This "edgy" thing is getting kind of tired and she kind of reminds me of a concentraton camp survivor--or possibly Natalie Portman in a movie where she plays a concentration camp survivor: the shorn head, those dark, hollow eyes, that courageously jutting chin.

[Ain't Struggling Village Voice.....although presumably this will be quickly fixed once they realize that Gawker is directing thousands of people to come laugh at their mistake....]
[Lots of Things Compare 2 U Gawker]

HiDefinitely Hot or Not

TVPredictions has compiled a list of the top 10 HiDef hotties......as well as the top 10 notties. Not that I'm likely to be getting a HiDef TV anytime soon, but at least I know now who's been hiding behind the fuzzy flattery of the cameras. C'mon, who doesn't like to hear about celebrities being ugly????

The HiDef Hotties: Eva Longoria, Mischa Barton, Nikki Cox, Jennifer Garner, Alexis Dzenia....um, I don't care who hot these random girls look in HiDef, I have no idea who half of them are! So on to the more interesting part:

The HiDef Notties:
1. Teri Hatcher (duh, she's a bag of bones wrapped in loose saggy skin no matter how you look at her...I do have to admit that she's got nice bone structure, though)
2. Demi Moore (another duh, even that much plastic surgery can't combat the effect that gravity and keeping up with her boy toy seem to have had on her face)
3. Donald Trump
4.Heather Locklear
5.David Letterman (amazingly Dave is also incredibly unfunny in HiDef)
7.Ray Liotta
8.Sandra Bullock
9.Clinton (Whoa, I like Clinton and all but considering how godawful he looks in grainy newspaper photos I can only imagine what those undereye bags of his look like in High Definition....*shiver*)
10.Clint Eastwood (TVPredictions says his skin looks like rawhide, but you can't hate on that, it's part of his weathered cowboy appeal!)


Down in Albion

Now that I kind of love Pete Doherty (the "kind of" being my loophole in case tomorrow he does something really unflattering) I now kind of want Babyshambles' new album: Down in Albion. Which the NY Times called:

"...an obscure and somewhat mysterious and ultimately lovable album"

With music that that is "mysterious and subtly seductive"...wow, I guess the NY Times' Kelefah Sanneh hasn't learned about the handy automatic thesaurous in word documents. Frankly, I think it's pretty scandalous that Kelefah gets away with this when he/she(?) could have said "enigmatic" or "divine" or "insoluble"---never mind, I guess Kelefah just figured out quicker than me that the computer is not actually very good at offering usable synonyms. (Huh, perhaps this is why my essay grades suck recently)

Besides the mystery factor, this album has Kate Moss singing backup on "La Belle et la BĂȘte"!!!!! How can this lovable album remain so obscure when it has only the best model ever singing on it? These are the true mysteries of life I think: why do Americans get excited about Paris Hilton singing and yet don't care about a duet sung by this (currently hot) and tragic pair?

Besides, it seems quite likely that P & K were recording this anthem of "...a coked-up pansy/ Who spends his nights in flights of fancy." when the infamous Kate Moss cocaine video was recorded, since we know that took place in a recording studio. And how appropriate is it that they were singing about cocaine as this happened? I guess we're fine with celebrities broadcasting their drug-love to the world as long as there's no photographic proof.

[Notorious or Unknown?... NY Times]
[Down in Albion Amazon]

That's Hot

...but sadly, not as promising as it looks at first. (Notice all the other headlines are in German

....damn it, does that man "Die Hiltons" is in German too. I was just starting to think Germans were cool.)

They should sell this issue of German GQ at American newsstands just because of that super fantastique headline.


College Shmollege

It was one thing when Perez was meeting Paris (they are cousins and all so it seems only fair)

But now I'm jealous....actually I'm jealous on more than one level because this was last night (Monday!!!!) and MK was out.

Now I know that the Olsens go out all the time even when they're in school but I'm still really jealous and considering not going to college next year.

That's what the cool people are doing. Therefore I no longer care that I'm going to get rejected by all the schools I applied to. Do your worst!

[Mondays are the New Fridays Perez]


Colin's Exhausted & Dependent

Whoa boy, Colin's finally and officially on the drugs. Or, y'know I guess he's hopefully off them by now since he's

"being treated for exhaustion and dependency on prescription medication..." [Source]

Um, yeah if lots and lots and lots of alcohol counts as prescription medication these days.

Huh, maybe he'll get more hot and less greasy once he gets out of his undisclosed rehabilitation location.

No No No! You Are NOT His Homegirl!

Lindsay! People told me something very scary today:

"She's a beautiful person, a great friend of mine," says Nick Cannon of his Bobby costar, posing with a T-shirt paying homage to her at an afterparty for the Big in '05 awards. Cannon presented Lohan with her honor, and the two have been spotted out together lately. Previously, Lohan was linked to Jared Leto."

Not okay, Lindsay. Nick Cannon is not cool. Do you even see what he looks like? Did you see the failed preppy look with the completely incongruous white beanie???

Don't you dare let me hear anything more about this, Linds.... Not a word, okay?

Dear Sienna,

Huh. I still think you get more out of this relationship than Jude since you totally only became successful due to him....but I can't really say he's the hot one anymore.

First of all he's totally doing the greasy, dirty, British look which doesn't really work with his pretty boy look. And then that silky looking scarf against the chest hair????? Is he kidding?

Hm, I see you're going for the pretty girl with sleazy man look, and I do have to point out that you're a still a step behind Kate Moss since she seems to be way over Pete Doherty by now.

On the other hand, I have to say that (despite my long history of Sienna-hatred) You look gorgeous here. That coat is totally hot and I love the boots and headband too.

<3 LCP

Me & My Nerds

Kristin at EOnline did this poll thing last week where people ranked their favorite shows....apparently I am exactly like everyone else who is obsessed with TV (except for the fact that they all seem to be like 45, and have kids, and live in Idaho...wow, think how cool I'll be by the time I'm 45) because these were my top 3:

1. Grey's Anatomy (which was so hot last night, I cried twice.....I don't know what it is Grey's just does that to me. The first time was kind of expected--when the little kid was really depressed and didn't want the heart transplant--but the second time was at the end when Meredith, Izzie, and George were lying under the Xmas tree...Christmas lights just get me like that.)
2. Lost Okay, that's obviously expected. What can I say, I like my conspiracy theories.
3. Veronica Mars So underappreciated.

And here was the list that Kristin came up with:

1. Grey's Anatomy
2. Lost
3. Veronica Mars
4. Gilmore Girls
5. Desperate Housewives
6. Prison Break
7. House
8. Nip/Tuck
9. CSI
10. The O.C.
11. Everwood
12. ER
13. The Office
14. My Name is Earl
15. 24
16. How I Met Your Mother
17. Scrubs
18. One Tree Hill
19. Commander in Chief
20. Battlestar Galactica
21. Las Vegas
22. West Wing
23. Smallville
24. Medium
25. Supernatural
26. Bones
27. Reunion
28. Law & Order: SVU
29. NCIS
30. Invasion
31. Related
32. Top Model
33. Boston Legal
34. Everybody Hates Chris
35. Real World/Road Rules Challenge
36. Laguna Beach
37. Numb3rs
38. Amazing Race
39. Survivor
40. Ghost Whisperer
41. Entourage
42. CSI: Miami
43. Rome
44. Weeds
45. Crossing Jordan
46. Charmed
47. The L Word
48. Rescue Me
49. Stargate
50. Family Guy
51. Law & Order: CI
52. The Sopranos
53. Girlfriends
54. CSI: NY
55. Deadwood
56. Without a Trace
57. Curb Your Enthusiasm
58. Surface
59. The Simpsons
60. Law & Order
61. King of Queens
62. Will & Grace
63. E-Ring
64. Ghost Hunter
65. Cold Case
66. Extras
67. Monk
68. American Idol
69. The Shield
70. The Biggest Loser

What it all comes down to is that I need to start watching Battlestar Galactica, people seem to be really obsessed with that, and I think it's what I really need to just take me straight to that next level of nerdiness....I'm assuming I'm already up at a pretty high level on the nerd scale considering the blog and the TV obsession and the talking to my computer secret.

The Making of an Addict

If you're interested, go read the whole MK article in W online, but it really just boils down to "College is hard" blah blah blah "Paris is a man-stealing ho" blah blah blah, this is the good stuff where MK opens up about her addiction:

"...Indeed, even more so than the motorcycle purse, it's the Starbucks cup that has become Mary-Kate's most identifiable accessory. When I first meet her at 4:30 in the afternoon, she's nervously clutching a mug of coffee, then it's on to a Diet Coke. Before 10 p.m., she will drink two more Ventis and smoke several Marlboro Reds with her publicist, Michael Pagnotta, who has worked with her since she was five. (Of the two to four giant Starbucks beverages she downs a day, she says she generally alternates between chai latte and skim latte—though she recently discovered the red eye, a potent mix of coffee and espresso. "Those will wake you up," she says, chuckling.)

"When I was younger, on weekends, my mom would make us pancakes with our initials on them and then a tiny cup of coffee," says Olsen. She quickly became an addict. "I remember at 10 sneaking my own coffee and pouring a ton of sugar in and going up to the playroom and drinking it."

So it's not such a surprise when the highly caffeinated actress lets on that—over and above her never-lived-in $7.3 million apartment in the West Village, beyond her tricked-out black Range Rover and even more than her enviable collection of designer bags—the possession she prizes most is her new espresso machine. "It's the most amazing thing I've ever had," she says dreamily. "It makes cappuccino all day long.""

That's pretty hot, right? Sneaking up to the playroom with her coffee? "Chuckling" about her Starbucks habit and talking "dreamily" about her espresso machine. Also what is this "red-eye" thing she's talking about, it sounds intriguing.....especially as I sit here chugging cup after cup of my Peet's holiday blend, it's a lot of work making my own coffee. I wish I had one of those espresso machines like MK has. It would just sit at home making me coffee ALL. DAY. LONG. and when I got home from school, man, would I have catching up to do.


Opposites Attract

As in super-tan Andrew Keegan hooking up with super-pale newly minted Top Model Niocle.

"...spotted going home together were tanorexic TV actor Andrew Keegan and America's Next Top Model winner Nicole." [Perez Hilton]

Not that we weren't expecting Nicole to start hooking up with Hollywood types suddenly...remember the ANTM episode with the Wild Boyz where she was totally flirting with them? So, we know she's willing to stoop pretty low.

Name That 'Stache

Man oh man oh man.

On such a pretty face too...you'd think when they were putting on their lovely red lipgloss, they would have noticed their lovely little moustache before they went on national TV....sadly, they didn't.

See who it was after the jump....

Po' Ty Ty Baby. Sporting the 'stache at the ANTM finale.


Are You Listening?

This is on PostSecret this week.....

My "secret" is this is the only Ivy I won't be irritated by annoying people getting into it.

....I'm lying there's one person I don't want to get in here (but don't worry, Mahnce, it's not you)

It's Probably Time to Emancipate Mimi's Slaves

Oh god, Mariah, you are too crazy for words sometimes. I think only a picture with a caption can do you justice:

The singer — famous for her outrageous demands — stunned fans by being too lazy to lift the cup herself. A brunette assistant had to perform the task at regular intervals while the singer signed copies of her album The Emancipation of Mimi.

Sigh, and we thought she was getting a little full of herself when she had her driver drive her dog across the country in a Mercedes.

Don't get me wrong, I love the Mariah, and don't call it a comeback because she never really stopped....except for that brief stint in the hospital for 'exhaustion'....."CAN'T. LIFT. A. SINGLE. MORE. CUP......Mariah collapses in a heap.

[via Best Week Ever]


According to Babel Fish my (hot) title is how you say Project Runway in German...the language of Project Runway's lovely leader Heidi Klum (Methinks somebody is copying Ty Ty Baby, but I don't mind because ANTM is drawing to a close and I desperately need a some new false reality to keep me going from week to week.)

So, to get down to business, I'm here to tell you that YOU SHOULD WATCH PROJECT RUNWAY, because it's a fucking fantastic show.

1. Fashion designers as well as models compete. (And these models actually look like models unlike um, certain other competing models on a reality TV show)

2. Heidi Klum is pregnant and has a German accent...I'm not sure if that makes the show more or less attractive to you, but I thought it was only fair you should know.

3. Last season = super hot fashioneality drama (enjoyable whether you enjoy real fashion or not, much as reality tv is enjoyable whether or not you are in touch with reality)

4. This season looks to be even hotter and has the added allure of some super fantastique recaps from TVgasm (Of which 2 luverly ones have already been posted)

[Official Project Runway website]

Auf Wiedersehen, bitches (as the Kluminator would say) go watch Project Runway.

My Love is Cruel...

...."My Love" being Joaquin Phoenix of course.

Apparently my love is not only really hot and really crazy but also deviously cruel, if you trust everything you read on the internets, which of course I do. According to my (totally trustworthy, I swear) source:

"Joaquin Phoenix reportedly had a steamy on set affair with co-star Ginnifer Goodwin while filming the Johnny Cash biopic 'Walk the Line'.

But the handsome method actor is said to have cruelly dumped the actress - who played his wife in the film - the day before their break-up scene." [source]

How hot is that? In unrelated news, I decided this picture of Joaq was so hot that I had to make it my background. So far, the relationship is working out quite well (when I'm shirking, his angry glare admonishes me to GET BACK TO WORK! and when I've been working well his smoldering gaze says I LOVE YOU and then I am happy)....um sorry about that little digression. Haha, I was just messing, I totally never have long in-depth conversations wiht my computer.


Dear Ashley Olsen,

It being the holidays all, I figured this is probably a good time to spread peace and love and goodwill (of the conceptual and cheap clothing varieties) so I thought it was important to remind you that I think you are super-cool.

I know you probably feel a little left out sometimes and maybe even a little insulted by the way you get tossed aside in favor of MK, please don't. Ash, the truth is I <3 you too and when I ran across this picture of you it really reminded me of some of your great qualities:

1) Love the shoes, Ash! You have gorgeous clothes. I may think MK has better style (not that many, many, many people don't disagree with me) but sometimes she can take the dumpster chic thing a tad far, and in those cases you are refreshing because you're a little more glam, a little more label-conscious, a little more polished....in a nutshell you're bling-blingin'.

2) Love, love the super skinny pants!! Um, I don't have anywhere I was planning on taking that, I just love your pants. They're pretty.

3) Love, love, love the venti Starbucks!!! And that's really what reminded me of how much I like you, because people who always drink venti are just way cooler than people who drink lame 'grande' and ultra-lame 'tall'. Please, don't even get me started on the pretentious fucks who refuse to use Starbucks' sizes and ask for a 'medium' coffee. Anyway, I know that you understand how I feel when I'm stuck in line behind one of said fucks and am about to be late for school, and it feels so good to have a fellow venti-drinker to talk to about this!

In conclusion, Happy Holidays!
<3 LCP

Jindsay Knohan

(That hybrid name is in honor of Katrina because she's sick of me appending Ls onto guys' names....are you happy now, Katrina?)

Innyhoo, an interesting tidbit from the Defamer's latest Privacywatch...

"...There was a Johnny Knoxville sighting at the Troubadour last Monday. It was a free night with a couple of local bands but who shows up with
Johnny Knoxville with none other than Lindsay Lohan. He proceeds to try & buy her drinks the whole night while the staff tells him repeatedly, no she is underage. I guess he got what he came for without the drinks as they then proceeded to make out in the front bar at the end of the night. Just writing this feels as creepy as those two together.

What? Not all bars serve Lindsay Lohan drinks???? Do they not know who LiMoLo is? Do they not know that laws do not apply to celebrities? Re: the whole Knoxville thing, that doesn't really bother me because I watched Jackass the other day and I decided he's super hot.

So Far and Yet So Close

They may discard of boyfriends quite easily but they will never be able to grow apart from each other.

Important question: Did Nicole do it first or did Paris do it first? I vote Nicole because....um, no good reason I just hate Paris.

[WOW Report]