WTF of the Day

Sienna Miller has been painting with her breasts. The on-again-off-again sweetie of Jude Law has been in character to play Edie Sedgwick, one of Andy Warhol’s entourage, in “Factory Girl” and she’s been using her breasts to paint large canvases, which she has displayed in her London home. She explains: “I’ve got rooms covered in [bleeps].” [Source]
Blargh. I hate Sienna......like we really nee to know this. Ooh, she's such a trendsetter (and such a better role model than Kate Moss, if only we could all be as edgy and method as her.) Double Blargh.

My Shambling Baby....

...is going to jail (okay, maybe, and yeah this one was obviously coming)

But he's bringing the fans with him (another maybe, since I doubt Pete Doherty's fans are the court going types....y'know, like lawyers and stuff)

Innyhoo.....he interrupted a concert to invite his fans to court with him (and help him fight for the right to party?)

P.S. Wow, it was a huge oversight on my part to omit Pete from the post below! He's mos defs a contender for my favorite cokehead.


A Few of My Favorite Cokeheads...

Hm, it seems that I haven't really been keeping y'alls updated on what's going on with Kate "the Great" Moss

....this because I'm so ovah all this "blah blah blah she's a bad role model and a cradle robber" shite. Or as (another) London Cokehead would say....

Note to the British Police : Leave Kate the fuck alone , she hasn't done anything wrong apart from snort a few lines " Ooooo is that illegal or something ", do something useful like arrest some crack dealers or street muggers. If I can sit in a cafe on Portobello Rd and watch them operate, surely you can.. Or is that too much like hard work nowadays for you all ??

P.S. I'm kind of totally addicted to this Cokehead guy......he's fucking hilarious.



Um....it's part deux b/c when I typed in "Sark" the little prompt-y thing was all "hows about 'Sark Attack'" and I was like "Damn, that's clever.....too bad I already used it!" Wait......I have an idea of how I could make a whole new popular MTV series without coming up with another title because I'm LAZY! Um, I mean blog post title.....y'know what I haven't had ANY caffiene ALL DAY.....I think I'm just naturally like this. *Le Sigh*

TV Guide’s Shawna Malcom of has learned that the producers of the newly cancelled “Alias” are mulling a spinoff series:

Among the formats Pinkner and Abrams have discussed is a spin-off series revolving around villains Sark (David Anders), Peyton (Amy Acker) and Sloane (Ron Rifkin). "It's the triumvirate of evil!" Pinkner says. (No official discussions with ABC have taken place yet.)

They also talk about their hopes for a big-screen “Alias” movie, and about their desire to bring back Will Tippen and the evil Francie for what’s left of the final season, here. [Source]

But Seriously.............that has to be like the most intense Sark Attack ever! Me and Megan have been waiting for a Sark spinoff 4eva!!!! (And despite a deep and abiding hatred of Amy Acker left over from her incredible lameness on Angel, I'm willing to take what I can get.

Brokeback Moustache

I finally went to see Brokeback Mountain
yesterday and after having heard many reviews both positive (Perez Hilton) and negative (Ted Casablancas) I must say that I was shocked (shocked!) that no one said anything about that crime of a moustache inflicted on Jake Gyllenhaal's face about 1/2way through the movie.

My point being that if you're going because you want to see two hot cowboys, you may be sorely disappointed. However, if one hot cowboy is good enough for you than feast your eyes on this! I <3 Heath 4eva!

If sad endings are too much for your tender soul (or your unwaterproof mascara) I suggest you walk out say....10 or so minutes early and read Simon Doonan's alternate happy ending instead.

Who Dat?

Seriously, who in the world would wear tight white pants when they have their period?

(Or, at least I'm assuming that she has her period since there aren't really any alternatives..........except perhaps the whole "I spilled my pomegranate juice on my crotch" excuse which is just lame because EVERYBODY knows you should drink apple juice when you wear your white pants. Sheesh.)

Click Complete Post to see the fashion victim of the day.....

Yup, it's not Kimberly Stewart it's not even Paris Hilton: it's Mischa Barton giving the two aforementioned skanks a run for their "terrible terrible taste" money.

Ew, not to mention she's also wearing a T-shirt from her incredibly lame boyfriend's incredibly lame band. Talk about a bad day.