Happy Birthday Harry!

omg, can't believe I almost missed harry's 21st birthday! the younger (hotter) prince turned 21 today! suzy reports:

"Hail Brittania! Prince Harry turned 21 Thursday and to mark the momentous occasion his father Prince Charles commissioned the famous photographer Mario Testino to take a series of portraits of his younger son. On top of this, The Royal Mint issued 10,000 copies of a special coin to celebrate Harry's birthday featuring the jaunty prince wearing a green sweater and an open-necked shirt along with his coat of arms. Harry's grandmother Queen Elizabeth is on the reverse side of the coin. Let's hear it for Harry's new leaf. Eschewing (love that word) late-night parties and pub crawls, he spent the day and night quietly with his classmates at Sandhurst, the royal military academy where he is in training. He says he would love to tell everyone how amazing his girlfriend Chelsy Davy is "but you know that is my private life and I am hugely protective of her."

awww, that's very sweet, but I'm still annoyed that he has a girlfriend. (and I am quite frankly shocked @ what a slutty looking girl harry plucked from the masses) anyway, I totally want one of those commemerative coins they made for him but how in the world do they show him wearing a green sweater on a coin? are british coins multicolored or something?

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