12 weeks 'til xmas....

....and no doubt less 'til hanukkah, so I'm breaking out the chrismukkah tunes. seriously check it out, it's the O.C. holiday mix (and if you're not a lover of anachronistic holiday music (um, no, I'm not sure if that made perfect sense...) you can listen to plain ol' O.C. musical goodness)

I'm sorry if you feel like holiday cheer should be confined to the actual holidays, but I need a little christmas okay? seriously, life sucks when you have to write an essay and you reeeeeeeeally don't have anything clever to say about tess of the d'urbervilles...

O. Say Can You C.

...hey, don't hate me because I'm not as clever as you, I'm not so good with the puns but @ least I give it my all.

anyway lygan (lygan = lynn + megan...hellooooooo, if you're so clever you should've gotten that one on your own) has been watching some vintage O.C. (1st season people...all the way back to lygan's sophmore year)

innyhoo, we totally realized that marissa + ryan are just like the. most. perfect. couple. EVER. total soul mates, like Tess & Angel except sooo much prettier.

y'know what this makes me think of? this, my friend calls to mind something a very wise man (nick hornby) said in a very profound book (high fidelity...hellooo, puh-leeze don't tell me you haven't read it....just don't man, I've had a long day) he points out that sometimes you're attracted to someone just because they're part of this perfect, happy couple and you think you'd be really happy with them but in reality you just wish you could be part of the unit that is them.

okay, so the point being that I think ryan is so totally perfect, but I am enlightened enough to realize that he's not actually much of something special, he's just 1/2 of a couple whose life any california high schooler wishes they could inhabit (and really, y'know a high schooler from any other state just dreams of being in cal-i-foooooooorn-ya (sung to the phantom planet song's tune....duh))

um, so I guess the conclusion of that little mind trip or vacation or whatever is that I don't really want to marry ryan atwood, I want to be marissa cooper...except that's not really what I mean to say and it's all messed up and wrong because--you know I DO want to marry ryan atwood--my intended message was something waaaaaay deeper and you would've been like..."whoa, whoa that was deep"

A Bitter Homecoming

I hate that person.............you KNOW who I'm talking about (and it's NOT voldemort...it's that lame-o who has coerced me into going places I don't want to go so that I won't look bitchy....but I AM A BITCH!!!! helloooooo? why would you ask a question to which only one answer is allowed...no es justo.)

how come certain other peoples (translation: megan) get to handily get out of these awkward situations by LYING and manipulating the guys who love her.

megan's (homecoming) criminal record
2 guys wanted to ask her and she neatly sidestepped one only to decide that she didn't like either...oh megs.
SOPH: um, yes to a guy who loved her soooo much and then later she went and told him NO....oh, the evilness. that was very cruel megan, very cruel
JUNIOR: well, nothing of note but you know it was only because she had scared away all the timid little people.
SENIOR: hoo boy, this one was perhaps the most eventful of all! first there was that junior who was going to ask her so she asked this other guy who had a crush on her to pretend she was going with him just so the 1st one wouldn't be able to ask her....how twisted is that? what a bitch, huh?

jordan catalano is PERFECT....

....got it Megan? got it? no more of this "his eyes are weird" crap, don't pull that shit. he is PERFECT okay!!!!!!??????!!!!!!! got it? get it! good! that's what I thought.

note: yes, Jared Leto is also pretty good looking but I'm not into the "edgy" white eye makeup or the 30 yr. old scamming on teenager-ness....nevertheless since he is the one responsible for jordan catalano it is NOT ALLOWED for anyone (that means you megan) to call him ugly. CERTAINLY, he is better looking than colin "fat & greasy" farrell and as for those pansies YOU think are hot....well, I've got something to say about THAT. jared leto is about 10,000 times as hot like gerard butler (ew)

note # 2: we are watching alexander right now and I just wanted to say that there is a lot of violent sex in this movie...and megan was very shocked by rosario dawson's breats (too large, said megan, far too large) lynn was just confused because why would colin be attracted to rosario when he could have jared or angelina???

note #3: overall alexander really sucked (that is, I mean the movie was bad, got it? please get your mind out of the gutter katrina!) so you shouldn't rent it like we did...unless you're into death & sex & non-chronological storytelling & ALL of colin farrell....

last word on alexander: bad hair all around


...if this is true, that is one more thing on my list of reasons to hate people who wear fake burberry print scarves...and trust me the list is plenty long as it is, okay.

innyhoo, back to the important stuff, the NY Post says Sienna "supid ugly ho" Miller will likely replace Kate "you know what? I don't care how many lines of cocaine she does in 40 minutes" Moss as the face of Burberry!

talk about salt in the gaping wound in my heart that is kate's fall from grace with the advertisers! I have had it up to here with that stupid miller bitch. this is it. I honest to god hate her guts. grr.

like a psychotic killer without the killing....

...yup, that would be cassandra. my absolutely favoritest ANTM girl this season! why?

um, did you see the part where she was talking about how she had no emotions, kind of like a psychotic killer except she didn't kill people...all with totally deadpan paegent face. wow. that really impressed me. psycho-killer texas paegent girls who moonlight as superheroes with black lipstick....wow. but seriously guys, she's totally got the psycho thing going on. loner in the "house of top model" making them think she's all paegent-y and spoiled then busting out the goth superhero...that was intense.

plus, ah loves me some texas. some people just don't love them the texas, but I just don't get them y'know. I mean texas is so intriguingly corny and cheesy and kitschy and stupidly sneakily clever....plus it has cowboys, and--as cassandra points out--the most competitive paegent system. impressive, no?

all the other (supremely annoying) ones don't like her/are scared of her/think she's spoiled (um...guys, spoiled is cool...so enough with the jealousy, puh-leeze) plus, she totally looks like natalie portman....so like in the movie version of her life natalie could like, be her. and I think natalie could play her character really well and stuff especially if cass goes psycho....did you see natalie in the professional? (yeah, me neither but I know she was in it because I've seen that scary picture of her with the bangs and the gun like a kajillion times)

WARNING: I have to tell you guys, the ones I like never win. after elyse, my favorite intellectual snob/vegetarian/anorexic?/pixie from cycle 1 was eliminated and trailer trash adrienne won....I just knew that my faves and miss tyra's faves were just never going to jive, if you know what I mean.....I mean what can I say, tyra just likes 'em a tad on the tacky side.

Lost: Season 2

Hey, if you watch Lost @ all this message board is so cool. Instead of having to think about all the weird, "deep" stuff going on you can just go see what all these...hardcore fans I guess, have managed to puzzle out/decode on their computers...

Example: you thought Walt was really creepy when Shannon saw some "vision" of him dripping wet & speaking gibberish? well, somebody figured out he was just talking backwards (duh, why didn't I think of that) and you can listen to the real words here. hmmm....the button is bad, maybe that's way the cursor looks like a frown-y face....

...and maybe that's why Locke told Jack not to press the button. Locke's so right about everything. I'm totally on Team Locke in the whole "man of faith vs. man of science" debate

p.s. if this lost stuff seems boring all that means is you should really start watching the show. right now.

BREAKING NEWS: holy shit, has the mystery of the numbers been solved??? (4 8 15 16 23 42 you guys, get with the program) click here if you dare (via justjared)

Question of the Day

Nicole in Disneyland: WTF? is this a messed up fairytale and she's Alice?


sienna's 6 commandments for jude...

.....arrgh, who does she think she is with her lame trying-way-too-hard-to-be-cute facial expressions and her stupid commandments...soooooo lame.

1) Never to be unfaithful again
2) To stay away from ex-wife Sadie and her friends
3) To romance her again before considering marriage
4) To stop losing his temper
5) To let her make her own career choices
6) To let her see her friends when she wants

message for sienna: we all know you went back to him even though he cheated because you're not only a trend whore, you're a fame whore

ugh, please stop trying to seem like such a victim and get over yourself sienna. you're the one who got cheated on and is staying in the relationship anyway...desperate much?

(image junk-feud...commandments ananova)


If you're like me and you're sooo sad that you had to choose between america's next top model & lost (although it was lost of course...best show ever & so underappreciated) four four is definitely the place to go for fabulous antm/cryfest coverage

bonus: tyra talks about boobs...and demonstrates how lopsided her own are...ummmm, cool.

note: yes, it has been noted that this season's girls are not that pretty but we remind you that they generally improve of the course of the season...so don't fret about it, okay? (plus it's not like they're even going to be REAL models or anything...please, don't even get me started on that one....wouldn't be wasting time on a reality show, etc., etc.) nevertheless this does not diminish my appreciation of the good fun yumminess that is ANTM)


who wears prada?

...duh, obviously that would be the devil! um, speaking of that, this is anne hathaway & adrian grenier having a moment for the movie the devil wears prada

...um, anne looks kind of funny...like her chin is sinking into her neck or something...cute hair though.

I <3 adrian grenier

...all the way from back in the day when he was inthat movie, drive me crazy with super-annoying melissa joan hart

...he kind of looks exactly the same: same hair and everything.

(pic from justjared)

return of the RED (sort of...)

yea! Lindsay is finally starting to get the (hair) message!
see junk feud

love, love, love the dress too!

lindsay lohan is PERFECT, huh? (although yes, I admit I don't really think this hair color is quite enough...it still looks pretty blonde and she was soooo pretty with the bright red "cady heron" hair....)

Happy Birthday Katrina!


aww, how cute

look, kate & charlie are dating...I mean dominac monaghan and evangeline lilly are dating

Bitchy Bee

Wow, I'm glad I'm not her roommate. She's a freshman @ Columbia this year and apparently her roommate is named frances liu (see Who is Frances Liu?)

Anyway when fashion week daily asked Bee, "is Frances fashionable?"

“I wouldn’t presume that that’s her first interest,” Wintour interjected with a smile.

...yuck, what a bitch. I'm sure you guys will get along even better after Frances hears about this.

Bee also added “We don’t discuss Vogue; it’s more like, ‘Do you want to watch The O.C. tonight?’”

....um, do you have a problem with the O.C. bitch?

note: I still wish I was Bee Shaffer...I mean obviously the meaner (and snobbier) you are the cooler (and prettier) you are.

butterflies swimming in the sea...

o.m.g. check this out, they're totally my new favorite band

(via best week ever blog)

everything happens for a reason...

So, me & m (yes I know it should be "m & I" but I've made the executive decision that grammar is annoying and I'm totally over it) anyway, we just finished watching 1st season of Lost! (it was very exciting watching the suspenseful season finale with the added drama of our very own california thunderstorm in the background) obviously we were not a moment too soon because season 2 premieres tomorrow!!!!

so then I moseyed over to eonline because Lost's producer was talking about next season. check it out. he has very interesting stuff some of it in regards to spoilers (he thinks they're fine--whew, I'm so relieved) icky michelle rodriguez (she's definitely gonna be there, definitely has "chemistry" with jack--whatever, evil chemistry I bet--and will definitely be competition for kate...I guess that means kate is choosing jack over sawyer...even after sawyer's video! plus he talks about the "meaning" of locke's character and (omg!) says boone will be back??? y'know what he says lots of cool stuff so go read it yourself)

so they're not married???

Hey! It's the 1st good kate news I've seen in a lo-oong time--
click here if you want to read all about it...plus more bad news--
kate is reported to have broken up with pete doherty!

Maybe she'll get back together with jefferson hack...he is her baby-daddy (or is that baby's daddy...I'm not really sure what the approved grammar is for that...) and he was looking pretty good in the NY times mens' fashion magazine this sunday and seriously, anything is better than pete doherty, right?


Question of the Day

Marcia Cross: Hands down, the best hair @ the Emmy's?

birds of a feather...

Mischa is wearing my dress again! I got a little bit green with envy the 1st time I saw her wearing this...but I think maybe it looks even cuter here...

feathers are hot, no? maybe you should go buy this, after all it is only $9.99

...a slightly cheaper approach to the appeal of that miu miu feather print tunic I'm totally in love with, sigh.

London Calling

Just in case you were depressed because NY fashion week is over (and if you just can't admit it's over, get all the last of the gossip here)

Anyway, don't forget that London fashion week started today...although I never quite like london fashion week as much as nyc's....

...still london does have Lily Cole (here opening the Julien McDonald show today)

note: fashion week daily calls Lily "statuesque"...isn't that just another euphemism for not skinny enough? (see curvy, amazonian, etc.) wtf? I think she's plenty skinny. check it out (f.w.d.)

oh yeah, maybe you should actually go here (British Vogue, naturally darling) to here about London fashion week...after all it is British....and hey as long as we're looking @ British fashion why don't we just go look @ net-a-porter where I can check out even more accessible things I can't afford...

Love is a Force of Nature

After being quite "yah, I'd like to see that" for a while now about many movies I'm very excited about really wanting to see Brokeback Mountain

So why am I so psyched for this one? well as the NY post put it:

"Fresh from winning the top prize at the Venice Film Festival, Ang Lee's heartbreaking 'Brokeback Mountain' digs beneath the homoerotic subtext of countless westerns and presents a very good Jake Gyllenhaal and an extraordinary Heath Ledger as a pair of smitten '60s cowhands who carry on a longtime homosexual affair during periodic 'fishing trips,' even though both eventually marry and have kids." (via the corsair)

plus you should mos def go follow the link and watch the trailer because (not to be a middle aged tourist about it) but the gorgeous scenery alone is almost enough to merit the price of the ticket (...okay, maybe not the normal saturday night price, but totally the weekday afternoon cutting class price) are you in?

note: um, jake & heath are also really hot, so yeah. that's all.


Free Kate?

the Imaginary Socialite brings us this picture of a t-shirt spotted backstage @ the Heatherette show on a "fashion VIP"

...has kate been taken somewhere? arrested? I'm very worried...and does that picture look anything like her?

I'm kind of liking all this kate news, for a long time all there was to say about her was like "hey, she's pretty" or um, "she's a supermodel guys" or maybe "y'know she used to go out with johnny depp..."

and now suddenly, she's everywhere! she's on gawker, she's on ebay, she's on french vogue, she's yelling "fuck you" @ photographers...who knows where she'll turn up next

Sawyer, Sawyer, Sawyer (...and Yessica)

If you love Sawyer @ all you should watch this video...right now.

...for those of you who don't love Sawyer I'm not sure what your problem is, but probably you don't watch Lost enough.

(video via best week ever blog)

oh yeah, megan, he's definitely married but you're totally prettier than his wife whose name is 'Yessica'...how weird is that? I google image-searched her & google asked me "Did you mean Jessica Holloway" in that sassy way google has, and I was like, "you're right google that would make soooo much more sense, but actually it would make even more sense if his wife was pretty because he's very pretty." (oh by the way, if you didn't figure this out yet, clicking on the "definitely married" link will take you to a picture of Sawyer & Yessica. Also if you're intrigued by women who marry man way prettier than them, check out Clive Owen and his wife...life is unfair isn't it?