Once, Twice, Three Times My Petie

Hum, Pete Doherty got arrested 3 times yesterday!

Wow, impressive, maybe I need to phase out my crush on him before he dies.

On the other hand........I kind of like him more because according to that article he drives a Jaguar too, *le sigh* how much more perfect and Britishly drug-addictly cute can he get???


I <3 Andy Samberg

First the Chronic (what!) cles of Narnia (or the Lazy Sunday rap as laaaaaaaaaaaaaame people call it)....now this Young Chuck Norris video.

On the plus side for SNL: yea! finally something funny is on the show (incidentally....something kind of hot too, right? I'm not alone there?)

On the minus side for SNL: Why the hell would I waste my time watching the whole fucking show when I can watch all the best bits on the internets?

Ooooh! and in related news.........watch Lazy Monday! It's the West Coast's response to Lazy Sunday, and it makes California seem really, um, cool.


OMFG! Celebrities Eat?????

Yah, they do, and the do it really funny-style too:


I'm soooo in love with this site (aka faaabulous new time-waster) which is full of funny pictures of celebrities eating with hi-fucking-larious captions.

Although, apparently I'm not up enough on Cahleefornia politics to get this caption........does the governator say "jingle all the way" a lot or something? Ah, whatevs, the point is that Ahnuld looks FUNNY when he eats......even his friends laugh at him!

Lil' Lohan Red Riding Hood....

...hath vanquished "Big Bad" Yoko Ono (aka "Ugly, Annoying, Greedy, Best-Band-Ever-Ruining" Yoko Ono....or UAGBBER YO for short)

See, apparently it was bothering UAGBBER YO to be "forced to watch the reenaction of her husband's murder on the doorstep of her New York City home, after failing to ban producers from filming new movie CHAPTER 27 at the location."

But when "Yoko immediately checked if the Dakota building had the right to refuse them filming the facade, and found out that legally, all they had to do was to get the permission of the city." We knew there weren't nothing she could do to stop us! [Source]

So, "Ha! in yo face Yoko!" laugh Lindsay and I "IN. YO. FACE!" and um, then she goes off to hang out with fat Jared Leto and I shake my head in dismay at the mess he hath made of himself.

[images via Popsugar]

Jonathan Rhys Meyers is Insane

Seriously. Bat-shit insane:

"Teri Hatcher is my favorite Desperate Housewife. She's just sex on legs. She's an older woman who I imagine could teach me a few things." [Source]

That's definitely crazy talk. I used to think he was marginally hot (okay, sometimes I thought he was hot, really hot, really really hot........but then sometimes he looked like this) but now he's definitely off the prospective husbands list because, let's be honest, I really don't want to take the risk of ending up with crazy babies.

Hillary Duff's #1 Fan?

Let's Count the Ways in Which This is So Very Wrong:

1. Joel Madden.....nuff said
2. Public Display of Duff-love.....why exactly does he want people to know that he's with an emaciated former Disney princess?
3. Trucker hat
4. Airbrushing???????
5. Pink and Purple AIRBRUSHING?????

Chanel on the Cheap

Ack! I love love love these pins! They're the next best (and waaaaay cheaper) thing to those Chanel slip-on sneakers that look like Vans* and did I mention that I'm in lurrrrrrve with them???????

You can buy various labelicious pins at ioffer.com

* I'm kind of afraid to wear my normal Vans because I feel like total poser (me, skateboarding............) but anyway, I feel like the Chanel version would be totally unposerish because what self-respecting skater would want designer shoes?

P.S. About all this shit concerning Chanel's "huge" mistake in lending Reese Witherspoon and Natalie Portman preworn frocks at the Golden Globes. Dude, get over it, and shut up about actresses boycotting Chanel or something. Chanel is Chanel and (erm, nothing personal against Reese or Natalie both of whom I love, but) these bitches should just shut up and be thankful for the fucking gorgeous clothes they get to wear for free.

Fat Actor?

Looking at some horrifying before and after shots from A Socialite's Life, well, for his sake (and for the sake of world-hotness levels in general) I really hope Jared Leto's been wearing a fat suit as he films the new (Lindsed Loheto spectacular) Chapter 27.

I'm not the hugest Jared Leto fan (post Jordan Catalano that is) but the hotness of that first pic is undeniable. Seriously, what a step up for ol' Lindsay Lohan from Wilmer Vanderrama to that..........and then to see it all disappear? That would be really tragic. Almost as if she were destined to date chubby, annoying actors for the rest of her life. Poor Lindsay. Oh for the sake of the Lindsay in us all, please get hot again Jared!