College Shmollege

It was one thing when Perez was meeting Paris (they are cousins and all so it seems only fair)

But now I'm jealous....actually I'm jealous on more than one level because this was last night (Monday!!!!) and MK was out.

Now I know that the Olsens go out all the time even when they're in school but I'm still really jealous and considering not going to college next year.

That's what the cool people are doing. Therefore I no longer care that I'm going to get rejected by all the schools I applied to. Do your worst!

[Mondays are the New Fridays Perez]


katrina said...

that's the spirit!!!

treens said...

is that a hanes t-shirt i see on mk? or some brand that makes t-shirts similar to it except for a hundred times more expensive?
p.s. thanks for putting the perez hilton link on your site.

LCP said...

Could be either one (cheap or not) b/c MK wears cheap ripped up shirts all the time. That's (one reason) why we love her.