Jindsay Knohan

(That hybrid name is in honor of Katrina because she's sick of me appending Ls onto guys' names....are you happy now, Katrina?)

Innyhoo, an interesting tidbit from the Defamer's latest Privacywatch...

"...There was a Johnny Knoxville sighting at the Troubadour last Monday. It was a free night with a couple of local bands but who shows up with
Johnny Knoxville with none other than Lindsay Lohan. He proceeds to try & buy her drinks the whole night while the staff tells him repeatedly, no she is underage. I guess he got what he came for without the drinks as they then proceeded to make out in the front bar at the end of the night. Just writing this feels as creepy as those two together.

What? Not all bars serve Lindsay Lohan drinks???? Do they not know who LiMoLo is? Do they not know that laws do not apply to celebrities? Re: the whole Knoxville thing, that doesn't really bother me because I watched Jackass the other day and I decided he's super hot.


ka said...

i love the hybrid name. i also love johnny knoxville, lindsay lohan, when you mention me in your posts.

p.s. i HATE how i used the word love so much.

LCP said...

See, that's why I alternate b/t "love" and "<3"....clever, huh.

Also, I just saw Dukes of Hazzard and Johnny was hot as usual, so that makes 2 things I have to watch with you: Jackass and Project Runway