Innocent Escapes

Oh god, sometimes commercials are the best entertainment around! For seriously guys, check out the human Brawny man, what he lacks in hotness he makes up in sensitivity!

Seriously, this lumberjack is here for you in your time of random breakdown and on top of the paper towels he offers to wipe your teary eyes (Uh, no word on way such a sensitive guy doesn't have something softer like, say, Kleenex lying around the log cabin....but I guess the best ads aren't really the best ads if you know what I mean) Never mind those rough towels though, the Brawny man will also soothe you with tiramisu and the ol' six string.

Go to your happy place.
[via The WOW Report]


katrina said...

those brawny commercials make me feel very uncomfortable.

anyway, right to the juicy stuff.... so the winner of the barbie challege went to nick (the one we like with the squeals and the green and stripey dress). the judges really liked santino (he got 2nd place again, so when they called on him and were like, "we really liked your dress," he made this face like he thought he won, but heidi said, "your'e in" and gave it to nick. backstage he was crying in the corner and being all santino-ey. who lost? that went to raymundo balthazar (i bet people called him gaymundo in the past) and his mom dress. so, the people we liked won, and the people we didn't lost or got second place, so it was a good episode.
next week, are making lingerie in groups, and it looks like santino made something that copied another designer and it looks like he MIGHT be out in the next one.

LCP said...

If it looks he might be out nxt wk then he probably isn't right?

So, I guess this means Carla is still in despite everyone making fun of her sewing? Thanks, Treens

treener said...

where has my favorite person gone? yes, lynn that is you. i've got some hot goss on mahnce ponce and bran bran the cheerleading man.

LCP said...

considering that you saw me less than a day before you wrote the comment, I assume you don't actually miss me you're just annoyed at the lack of posting. so, sorry about that I can't force the magic.

p.s. re: the real me and the juicy (I'm sure) gossip maybe we can watch the sunday night tv together....since we don't have school tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!

katrina said...

lets do it.