Um, this made me feel very bad about how much I care for the well being of "BritNeyNSeAn"....but hopefully you are cool enough to enjoy it guilt-free.

BritNeyNSeAn4eVa (2:28:21 AM): hell ya. a tiger don't change his spots. he cheated on his babymomma so u cant tell me he won't cheat on Brit. she needs to think about her baby since she's a momma now. i seen it happen to my friend her baby's daddy went back to his old girlfriend before my friend had her baby and now he don't talk to her or see the baby or nuthin :(
BritNeyNSeAn4eVa (2:28:52 AM): and hes ugly 2.

You can read the whole "IMterview" here, but I found this little excerpt to be a perfect encapsulation of what I find wrong with Kevin. As Hailee puts it so eloquently, "a tiger don't change his spots."

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