Hi, I'm on Crack.

As in, "Hi, I'm on Project Runway for the 2nd time, my name is Daniel Franco, and I. Am. On. Crack"

Yuck, please God make Daniel go away or I might go apeshit on Katrina's TV the next time he faces the camera and quivers like the high-strung rabbit he is.

Gross. Go away and come back when you're clean Daniel. I don't think Bravo can handle you and Whitney Houston at the same time.

[Images from FourFour's (brazilliant as usual) recap]


katrina said...

he really bothers me and his designs are kind of all the same.... he does that same pattern in even one of his designs.
p.s. i think that there is a new project runway on tommorrow so if you want, we could watch it.

LCP said...

maybes........but I's be pickin' up the sister tomorrow night (that's because I do ALL the work around here)