No No No! You Are NOT His Homegirl!

Lindsay! People told me something very scary today:

"She's a beautiful person, a great friend of mine," says Nick Cannon of his Bobby costar, posing with a T-shirt paying homage to her at an afterparty for the Big in '05 awards. Cannon presented Lohan with her honor, and the two have been spotted out together lately. Previously, Lohan was linked to Jared Leto."

Not okay, Lindsay. Nick Cannon is not cool. Do you even see what he looks like? Did you see the failed preppy look with the completely incongruous white beanie???

Don't you dare let me hear anything more about this, Linds.... Not a word, okay?


kat said...

today, i think Sra. stroussner was talking about those shirts with virgin mary on them... she got into this whole rant about how its disrespectful to her. it was a stroussner moment indeed.

LCP said...

ha ha, she's funny and she likes my cowboy boots :-)

yeah she thinks they're totally "de moda" and she wants ones like them....yea me.