Kate (The Only "Moss" In Our Woods)

I am totally obsessed with this necklace (and its name) Plus, I think it's time my jewelry collection expanded beyond the constraints of Urban Outfitters, I mean the Laguna Beachers buy jewelry at Urban Outfitters and even I know better than to follow their fashion example.

Anyway, considering that Kate's price is quite reasonable ($54) I think I should buy myself the gold one for Hannukah and the silver one for Christmas.

Ah, the joys of being a halfsie

[Alex + Chloe handy online shopping for my presents, wink wink nudge nudge]
[Today's Obsession....even my obsessions aren't original FWD].


pumpkin katrina said...

this necklace is sooo much cuuter than i imagined. you should defs buy it. i thought at first that it was like a colored pic of her.

LCP said...

haha, yeah I liked the funny look you gave me. feeling better yet?

JCP said...

glad you put quotes around the moss!

casaevita said...

oooh I LOVE it!!!!!
But I don't live in The States :-(
What to do.....
I'm so sad.......
I love you're blog and wanted to send you all the best wishes 4 the new year may they all come treu!

Now I'm going back to the alex&cloƩ site to see if they ship to The Netherlands!!

Take care,

casaevita said...

Yess Yess Yess!!
They do ship to Europe!!
Well once again you're blog is my favorite!!
I've a special place 4 'fluxdemots!

See ya!


LCP said...

Thanks! Happy 2006 to you too!