Fashion Disaster

"THE cost of a transit strike to department stores and designer boutiques in New York during the week before Christmas and Hanukkah will undoubtedly be staggering. The cost to the greater cause of fashion could be even worse."

When perusing the NY Times, I rarely actually read the articles because of the air of droning voices and and utter boredom that their little blurbs manage to exude.......yet occasionally I run across something so frighteningly important that am I persuaded to actually click through the kajillion pages the article consists of. Really, with a hook like this, how can I resist?

In this time of trouble the NY Times is spotting a resurgence of terrible fashion faux pas such as "weird, leotardy types of things and oversize purple Patagonia sweatshirts." You think that's silly? Are you thinking that the Times is being just a tad overdramatic, but wait,
It was, after all, the transit strike in 1980 that led millions of New Yorkers to walk to work wearing business suits with running shoes, usually white. It was a look born of practicality, but one that commuters refused to cede when that strike ended, as if their long-term comfort was another chip on the union's bargaining table. Thus was born one of the worst fashion trends ever.
White sneakers with business suits! Arrrrrghhhhh, we cannot let another national disaster like that one occur! Damn unions! Those kerflingin' ungrateful socialists are at the root of all fashion evil.

[A Sense of Fashion is Lost in Transit NY Times]


katrina said...

this post reminds me of a time i went to D.C. and i saw this lady wearing a beautiful business suit with the ugliest pair of sneakers.
p.s. im at home with mom.

LCP said...

tons of fun. I probs cant do anything bc I haven't even started thinking what to pack and we're leaving at like 5 tomorrow morning