My Love is Cruel...

...."My Love" being Joaquin Phoenix of course.

Apparently my love is not only really hot and really crazy but also deviously cruel, if you trust everything you read on the internets, which of course I do. According to my (totally trustworthy, I swear) source:

"Joaquin Phoenix reportedly had a steamy on set affair with co-star Ginnifer Goodwin while filming the Johnny Cash biopic 'Walk the Line'.

But the handsome method actor is said to have cruelly dumped the actress - who played his wife in the film - the day before their break-up scene." [source]

How hot is that? In unrelated news, I decided this picture of Joaq was so hot that I had to make it my background. So far, the relationship is working out quite well (when I'm shirking, his angry glare admonishes me to GET BACK TO WORK! and when I've been working well his smoldering gaze says I LOVE YOU and then I am happy)....um sorry about that little digression. Haha, I was just messing, I totally never have long in-depth conversations wiht my computer.


Anonymous said...


dork-treens said...

i definitely have converstations with my dork-kate background. it goes a little something like this:
Me: Oh, fair kate, why must i be so hideously ugly and nerdy, spending so much time on the computer?
kate: at least you don't look like this.
(makes dork- face)
me: that's true.

LCP said...

ay-ooooooooooooh....that was cold, katrina. very cold.