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Kristin at EOnline did this poll thing last week where people ranked their favorite shows....apparently I am exactly like everyone else who is obsessed with TV (except for the fact that they all seem to be like 45, and have kids, and live in Idaho...wow, think how cool I'll be by the time I'm 45) because these were my top 3:

1. Grey's Anatomy (which was so hot last night, I cried twice.....I don't know what it is Grey's just does that to me. The first time was kind of expected--when the little kid was really depressed and didn't want the heart transplant--but the second time was at the end when Meredith, Izzie, and George were lying under the Xmas tree...Christmas lights just get me like that.)
2. Lost Okay, that's obviously expected. What can I say, I like my conspiracy theories.
3. Veronica Mars So underappreciated.

And here was the list that Kristin came up with:

1. Grey's Anatomy
2. Lost
3. Veronica Mars
4. Gilmore Girls
5. Desperate Housewives
6. Prison Break
7. House
8. Nip/Tuck
9. CSI
10. The O.C.
11. Everwood
12. ER
13. The Office
14. My Name is Earl
15. 24
16. How I Met Your Mother
17. Scrubs
18. One Tree Hill
19. Commander in Chief
20. Battlestar Galactica
21. Las Vegas
22. West Wing
23. Smallville
24. Medium
25. Supernatural
26. Bones
27. Reunion
28. Law & Order: SVU
29. NCIS
30. Invasion
31. Related
32. Top Model
33. Boston Legal
34. Everybody Hates Chris
35. Real World/Road Rules Challenge
36. Laguna Beach
37. Numb3rs
38. Amazing Race
39. Survivor
40. Ghost Whisperer
41. Entourage
42. CSI: Miami
43. Rome
44. Weeds
45. Crossing Jordan
46. Charmed
47. The L Word
48. Rescue Me
49. Stargate
50. Family Guy
51. Law & Order: CI
52. The Sopranos
53. Girlfriends
54. CSI: NY
55. Deadwood
56. Without a Trace
57. Curb Your Enthusiasm
58. Surface
59. The Simpsons
60. Law & Order
61. King of Queens
62. Will & Grace
63. E-Ring
64. Ghost Hunter
65. Cold Case
66. Extras
67. Monk
68. American Idol
69. The Shield
70. The Biggest Loser

What it all comes down to is that I need to start watching Battlestar Galactica, people seem to be really obsessed with that, and I think it's what I really need to just take me straight to that next level of nerdiness....I'm assuming I'm already up at a pretty high level on the nerd scale considering the blog and the TV obsession and the talking to my computer secret.

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