Down in Albion

Now that I kind of love Pete Doherty (the "kind of" being my loophole in case tomorrow he does something really unflattering) I now kind of want Babyshambles' new album: Down in Albion. Which the NY Times called:

"...an obscure and somewhat mysterious and ultimately lovable album"

With music that that is "mysterious and subtly seductive"...wow, I guess the NY Times' Kelefah Sanneh hasn't learned about the handy automatic thesaurous in word documents. Frankly, I think it's pretty scandalous that Kelefah gets away with this when he/she(?) could have said "enigmatic" or "divine" or "insoluble"---never mind, I guess Kelefah just figured out quicker than me that the computer is not actually very good at offering usable synonyms. (Huh, perhaps this is why my essay grades suck recently)

Besides the mystery factor, this album has Kate Moss singing backup on "La Belle et la BĂȘte"!!!!! How can this lovable album remain so obscure when it has only the best model ever singing on it? These are the true mysteries of life I think: why do Americans get excited about Paris Hilton singing and yet don't care about a duet sung by this (currently hot) and tragic pair?

Besides, it seems quite likely that P & K were recording this anthem of "...a coked-up pansy/ Who spends his nights in flights of fancy." when the infamous Kate Moss cocaine video was recorded, since we know that took place in a recording studio. And how appropriate is it that they were singing about cocaine as this happened? I guess we're fine with celebrities broadcasting their drug-love to the world as long as there's no photographic proof.

[Notorious or Unknown?... NY Times]
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