Dear New Face of Chanel,

First of all, puh-leeze don't get used to me calling you that all the time or anything because I'm getting very tired, very fast of you flaunting this new contract in our faces all the time.

Rule #1 As a face of Chanel you are expected to look good all the time.

Rule #2 Yes, you are expected to show some Chanel love, but (and this is a big butt) never at the risk of making it look ugly.

That said, please never pull a stunt like this one where you drape your self in advertisements, and fail MISERABLY at making it look good! Now, I know this sounds a little harsh, Linds, but you are no longer representing yourself, you are representing CHANEL.

No Lindsay, DON'T try to explain yourself. You are a bad enough influence on your little sister as it is--btw, EW, ALIANA, go to your room and change NOW--and I think we all know how hard it is to overcome sisters with bad taste. Besides (since I refuse to sully this post with pictures of you making a fashion victim of yourself) I posted a picture of you doing the Chanel right, and you look very purty here. Thank you, that is all.

<3 LCP


team lohan said...

haha... now that linds is the new face of chanel, all those team duffster people can suck it. yea you heard me, SUCK IT!

p.s. this is assuming that there are even team duffster even exist (i think think mahncy is an in-the-closest team duffster because of her allegiance to the disney channel shows)

LCP said...

well, even the mahnce should switch teams (ahem, that is duffster to lohan) b/c minilohan is about to get her own disney show....