Dear LiMossLo,

First things first: congratulations on figuring out that you two of the only cool celebrities (although Kate: you're obviously about 10,003 times as cool as Lindsay) and getting together for a little dinner at Mr. Chow's.

Quick note to Linds: smart move figuring out who's hot and complimenting them so as to get in their good graces: “She looks great. She wears things that could take hours to put together, but she probably doesn’t take much time.” -LiMoLo....yes, Lindsay I see the way your Machievellian little mind functions and I know that you were taught well by the Mean Girls.

Now, Kate, obviously you look gorgeous. You own the skinny jeans with flats look, other celebs who try it get compared to you, as Scarlett Johanssen learns from Elle: "...trend-setter Johansson's chic black skinny [jeans] set off a cavalcade of covetous glances among the assorted stylists. Think Kate Moss...." [Source] yet you're not one to rest on your laurels. Props for your innovative little leather jacket/capelet thing!

<3 LCP

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katrina said...

i like how even though linds is quite fabulous, she pales in comparison to the greatness of kate in the picture.