The Worst Best-Dressed

Vogue, how could you do this to me?

Sienna Miller
"starring" in your best dressed January issue.........is this how you want to start off our year? On a lame, copycat, slept-her-way-to-fame note?

Oh, and when you refer to her as a "Headline Maker" and a "Rule Breaker" I assume you're referring to the headlines she made when her famous boyfriend cheated on her and the rules she broke by following Kate Moss's style down to every last hat, flat, and jean.

I assume Vogue just stuck Sienna on the cover because she's a "famous actress" who is more likely to sell magazines than say, someone with original style, but it still hurts.

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katrina said...

you know what i thought when i saw the vogue cover? i thought it was just of sienna's head in the middle of palm tree leaves. i didnt really get that it was a sweater.why can't american vogue learn from other countries to put kate moss on their covers?

JCP said...

that is some YELLOW sweat-er

LCP said...

good point jess, good point. fabulous use of the single comment you've posted EVER to make an important point.

p.s. props on how you only comment when we're actually in the same house